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Lilly and Max carefully review every product as a female/male team and leave no sexual stone un-turned. Often Max and Lilly make use of their network of sex-positive acquaintances for added perspectives. Our reviews are known for the following:

  • Unique perspectives
  • Bold photography
  • Humorous yet thorough  writing
  • Tenacious marketing across multiple social networks

Due to demand, new reviews are not currently being accepted. Any requests received will be added to a waiting list and requesters will be informed when their product or service has moved to the active stage. Considerations will be made for time sensitive content.

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Carnal Chameleon is now considering offers for sponsored content. Please keep in mind that integrity is of utmost importance to us. We reserve the right to turn down any offer for any reason.


Carnal Chameleon is now offering targeted ad slots at competitive rates. We utilize the double-click network to make sure ads are effective, targeted, and measured accurately.

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