Calling All Artists!

We here at Carnal Chameleon love artwork, and we feel that many talented artists go un-appreciated. Every artist undergoes a journey, a story of how they started, evolved, and continue to improve in their art form. We are interested in these stories and we feel our readers are interested in these stories as well.

Adult Only?

We are interested in all artists regardless of content rating. Clean and adult art is equally welcome. Keep in mind that Carnal Chameleon is a sex-positive website that covers adult topics. If you are uncomfortable with such an association we understand.

So How Does This Work?

We want to write an article about you and your story. We send you a few questions(How you got started in art, Favorite Medium, Most interesting piece etc) and you send us your responses. We will then create an article on our site sharing your story. This article and its contents will be completely under your control. Nothing goes live without your approval. We will then link the readers anywhere you would like (Website/Portfolio/Comission Page). Just fill out the form below and we’ll get in touch!

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