Lovehoney Lola Realistic Vagina

Lola Ribbed Vagina by Lovehoney Teaches Us Some New Tricks

♫ I met her on a site where you should go
It’s called Lovehoney and they know how to make you Moan-a
M – O – A – N – A Moan-a
She walked up to me and she asked me to wank
I asked her her name and in a sultry voice she said Lola
L – O – L – A Lola ♫

Penetrable toys, pocket pussies, masturbation sleeves, Oh My! Whatever you want to call them, I am a huge fan. It seems we are living in the golden age of male masturbation. Previously, admitting that you owned a male sex toy used to be an invitation for shame. As the stigma starts to clear, it’s no surprise that many male-bodied individuals, and their partners, are taking the dive into these types of toys. I fancy myself a bit of a masturbation connoisseur, so when Lovehoney sent me a Lola Ribbed Realistic Vagina masturbation sleeve, I was pumped! Admittedly I already have quite a few penetrable toys (6 at last count) so I wasn’t expecting the Lola to show me anything new. However, she managed to throw me a few unexpected surprises.

Lola in an abandoned subway

A Short Soft Tunnel in a Long Hard Tunnel

First Impression
The first thing that struck me about the Lola was its size. Measuring at just 5 inches in length, it’s by far my smallest masturbator.  The sculpted labia on the face was about half of the size of a real life counterpart. When handling the toy I found the material to be exceptionally smooth to the touch. This was partially due to the powder the toy came packed with, and after use, the material was a bit sticky. Once wet, however, the toy regained its smooth soft feeling.

Let’s Give It a Wank
When it was time to try out my new Lola, I pulled up the finest erotica the internet had to offer, applied a dab or two of lube to Lola’s opening and waited for my “bread” to rise. As I slipped Lola on, I realized its short length did a good job of flattering me. Never before have I been able to penetrate a male masturbator so deeply that the head of my 6 inch cock stuck cleanly out of the other end. You’d think that running out of space in a toy and leaving my most sensitive part without direct stimulation would have been a downer, but I was far too busy appreciating how big it made me look. Lola’s material was also very stretchy, and easily expanded around my girth. Lola’s internal texture was ribbed (“ribbed for his pleasure”). The rings along the inside were not pronounced enough that I could really perceive them once engulfed by Lola, but they did provide a distinct massaging sensation as the toy slid against my skin.

Lola size compared to an Xbox 360 controller

Lola Taking Control

Some New Tricks
My mate Lilly and I love to explore and try new things during sex. Here’s a few of the things that Lola afforded us:

  • Squeeze The Toothpaste
    Unlike most of my other male masturbators, Lola is not made from silicone, and is much softer. Lola also does not come in a hard case, so I found it was possible to apply pressure and squeeze myself through the toy. Lilly in particular enjoyed the opportunity to inflict gentle squeezes through Lola, often pushing me over the edge as I was about to cum.
  • Ring Around The Rosy
    When I had fully penetrated Lola and the tip of my cock was hanging out the end, Lilly realized that she could slip a finger between my shaft and the inner wall of the toy. She then circled her finger around, causing quite a bit of pleasant suction and pulling around my shaft. This can also be accomplished during solo use.
  • It Came From Within
    Part of the fun of penetrable toys is the visual aspect. A “plain jane” non-molded toy just is not as exciting as having a beautiful vulva to penetrate. With the Lola we found that I could penetrate the toy backwards, and bear witness to the unique sight of my cock bursting out of a vagina. Once I discovered this, I asked Lilly if she would like to see my best impression of the chest-burster from “Alien” (so sexy), and then proceeded to show her what I had learned. She said I was crazy, but she admitted that there was something sexy about seeing me emerge from a vagina.
  • Vagina-ception
    Imagine you could penetrate a vagina, within a vagina. The “holy grail” of vagina lovers everywhere is now a reality. Lilly and I found that Lola was squishy enough that I could insert my cock into Lola, then penetrate Lilly with the half of my penis that extended past the end of the toy. Lola would compress enough to allow half of my cock to penetrate Lilly as well. This gave me the sensation that Lilly’s vagina was extra deep, and that I was penetrating her deeper than ever before.
A look inside Lola

Ribbed for HIS Pleasure.

A Female Perspective
Being able to use Lola along with Max was quite enjoyable and offered many surprises for such a simple sex toy! When Max used Lola while penetrating me, it limited how deeply he could thrust into me. I was so used to him being fully inside me that having him restricted to just the tip became an intense turn-on. Max had the opening of Lola facing me, so as I pushed against him, Lola’s labia rubbed against mine. The sensation sent shivers down my spine! I also enjoyed watching Max use his Lola, and due to its smaller size I was able to watch him cum out the top of the toy.

The Take Away
Lola is a great sex toy for us male-bodied folks. If you are particularly well endowed you may be disappointed with the 5 inches of penetrable space that this toy offers, but the smaller size is great for travel. Lola is so easily concealed in luggage, it has become my go-to travel companion. With a relatively inexpensive price point and thoughtful features like the hole in the back that allows for addition of a bullet vibe, Lola makes a great starting toy, or a solid addition to a collection.

We received Lola from Lovehoney free of charge in exchange for our honest review. Lola can be purchased from Lovehoney here.

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