A liberator surrounded by candles

The Kama Sutra With Training Wheels: The Liberator

Stairs Incident of ’08 My partner Lilly is unbelievably adorable. If you met us in real life, undoubtedly the first thing you would notice is our difference in height. Lilly and I are separated vertically by almost a foot and a half. This does have the added benefit, as previously mentioned, of making my Lilly […]

Ambrosia vibe being worn by a portal turret

Ambrosia Vibe: The Worlds First Cyborg Penis

How I Found the Worlds First Cyborg Penis I first heard about Orgasmatronics bionic strap-on, the ‘Ambrosia vibe’ through their Indegogo campaign. Indegogo is a crowd-sourcing setup similar to Kickstarter, only Indegogo actually allows for fun adult toys! After watching Orgasmatronics campaign video, I was hooked instantly! You could tell the Orgasmatronics crew was excited […]

Ice Dragon on Ice!

Kelvin the Ice Dragon: A Song of Ice and Desire

Twas the night before Christmas, when all thro’ the house. Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse; The cocks were hung from their owners and bare, In the hopes that the Bad Dragon soon would be there! An Intro to Bad Dragon For the first review here at Carnal Chameleon I figured what […]