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TENGA “Play With Yourself” Giveaway!

Enter Now: ‘TENGA Play With Yourself’ Carnal Chameleon Giveaway -brought to you by MEO Ask Questions Later: Why?: Would you believe it’s because we love you? No? Well ok it’s because we need more followers and people respond well to bribery! Also December 30th is Carnal Chameleons 1 year anniversary. That’s right, 1 year of […]

Adventures In Business Travel: ‘Easy Beat’ TENGA Egg Pack

Max’s Log: Day 0 Location: Denver, CO You have got to be kidding me!? 2 separate business trips nearly back to back? Ugh, I have to dress up and pretend to be a normal productive member of society, gross! What about evening entertainment? Most of my sex toys are not things I’d like TSA to come […]