You Should Have Put a Tantus Vibrating C-Ring On It

“Cause if you liked it then you should have put a ring on it
If you liked it then you should’ve put a ring on it
Don’t be mad once you see that he want it
If you liked it then you should’ve put a ring on it”

Put A Ring on Your Thing-a-ling
For the uninitiated, cock rings are circlets that can be placed around the male genitalia. Rings can be worn anywhere along the shaft, or placed behind the balls and shaft. This is an ideal location for restricting blood flow to Mr. Willy. Restricting blood flow not only prolongs erections, but can also change the way sex feels. It’s very important to note that anything that restricts blood flow to your pepper should only be used for about 20-30 minutes at a time, unless you want a detachable penis (no, seriously, you don’t want a detachable penis).


C-Ring Packaging

C-Ring Packaging

Nice Ring to It

I was never one for cock rings. I had nothing against them, I just hadn’t really thought much about them before. My sexual spending budget always seemed to be earmarked for a new penetrable or crazy fantasy dildo. Trying out the Tantus Vibrating C-Ring was a nice change of pace for me. This C-Ring lives up to the “Super Soft” description on its packaging; the silicone is as soft as a flower petal against the skin. I found that it was quite easy to put on, and surprisingly comfortable. The C-Ring also sports a bullet vibe that slides into a silicone sleeve. To turn on the vibration, you simply push on the end of the vibe until your junk starts jiggling.

Things We Learned
What’s better than having my very own pair of vibrating balls? Sharing the vibrations with a loved one (or friend)! Lilly was more than happy to lend her bits to some sexual exploration. Here are a few things we found with the C-Ring:

  • The Quivering Mutt
    With the C-Ring around my balls and shaft and the bullet just under my balls, I had Lilly assume your classic doggy-style position. We found the vibrations she felt through my shaft increased subtly as I penetrated deeper. When I was fully inside she could feel the vibrations through my balls. For more direct stimulation, we used the same position, with the the ring just around my shaft and the bullet directly against her clit.
  • The Throbbing Missionary
    With the C-ring again placed around my balls and cock, but the bullet located on top of my shaft, I penetrated Lilly in the missionary position. The vibrator against Lilly’s clit changed the boring missionary position from “maintenance” to “must have”!
  • C-Rings in Flower petals

    They want to take your flower

    The Parking Space
    I’m always looking for fun ways to prolong intercourse. Sometimes when I am close to reaching orgasm, I’d really like to rest and let myself cool down a little before continuing. Wearing the vibrating C-Ring with the vibrator on top during missionary position allowed for a maneuver I call “The Parking Space”. Whenever I was close to release I would push myself all the way into Lilly, the vibrator snug against her clit. The vibrations were not enough to make me orgasm, but they they kept Lilly nice and aroused while I recovered.

  • Wiggly Rubber Dicks
    Lilly and I soon realized that we could place our vibrating C-Ring around any of our existing toys to add some vibration. Admittedly the small vibe loses most of its ‘oomph’ when attached to a larger toy, but for anal insertion in particular we found this to be a nice treat. Especially since a number of our fantasy dildos don’t come with any vibration (I’m looking at you Bad Dragon).

Phone A Friend
Most would agree, three dicks are better than one. That’s why I contacted my male bodied gay friends, Nik and Fel, and asked if they would give me their honest opinions on the vibrating C-Ring. Here’s what they had to say:

  • Nik

The Vibrating C-Ring is stretchy enough that even guys with large balls, like Fel and I, can get it on without any issues. I was hoping the vibrations would be stronger than they were, but that’s a personal preference. It still feels good no matter how you put the ring on. My only complaint is that it’s kinda hard to turn on and off.

  • Fel

The Vibrating C-Ring is a nice added touch for solo play, but it’s nothing terribly amazing. At first I found the sensation underwhelming. But as the session went on and my nerves became more sensitive, the vibrations added to the experience in a subtle yet exhilarating way.

Tantus Rings on Xbox360 Controller

C-Rings for your Joystic

A Female Perspective

I really loved being able to turn any of my ordinary sex toys into vibrating pleasure dildos! When Max would wear the Tantus C-Ring while fucking me, I could feel the vibration through his shaft and balls. It wasn’t nearly as strong as my other vibrational toys, but it gets a pass because it involves a real dick. When he wore the vibrator on the top of his shaft, it was in a great position to hit my clit.

The Take Away
We really enjoyed the C-Ring; it made sex feel different, prolonged my erection, and the vibration, though week, added quite a bit to the experience. We did find that it was quite difficult to work the bullet back into the sleeve once removed, but that was quickly remedied with a tiny bit of lube. Besides the possibility of a heftier vibe, I’d say the biggest room for improvement is with the on/off switch. Everyone who used the toy noted that it was difficult to turn on and off. An insider source from Tantus gave us the recommendation of untwisting the cap, turning the vibe on, and twisting the cap back on, which was much easier. Ultimately, however, it would be great if the switch could be softened, or replaced with a switch that you twist instead of press. Picked-nits aside, we would recommend jumping into the ring with the Tantus Super Soft Vibrating C-Ring!

We received the Tantus Vibrating C-Ring free of charge in exchange for our honest review. The C-Ring can be purchased from Tantus here.

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