Carnal Chameleon is sex positive blog that attempts to cover every facet of the sexual multi-verse. Created by an author that falls on the autistic spectrum, Carnal Chameleon provides a unique perspective on human sexuality. On this blog you will find product reviews, editorials, how-to’s, reports on sex-positive events, and much more!

Why The Chameleon?
The chameleon is a reference to a social behavior adapted by many high-functioning members of the autism community for survival in the “neurotypical” world. An individual with autism may often subtly, or not so subtly adjust their personality and behavior in hopes of blending seamlessly into varied social situations and sub-cultures.

About the Author
Max is a “Jack-Off” in all trades. Max was diagnosed with asperger syndrome at a young age, a neurological disorder that effects social and non-verbal interaction with others. Max spent a number of his high-school and college years as a sex and drug educator in various youth-groups. Max is also an active member within the following communities:

Max created this blog to share his passion for the carnal world, and to encourage others to step out of their comfort zones in the interest of discovering more about their sexuality.