An Artist’s Story: Ziggy Starpup

Today on Artist’s story we are excited to be talking to Ziggy Starpup. An artist that works in both furry, and non furry art. Ziggy, can you tell us a little about yourself? I’ve been an artist for my whole life. I’ve always been fascinated with anthropomorphic animals, as well as monsters– because of this, […]

Trysexuals Playtime 1: Adventure Island II

Checkout our all-new series “Trysexuals Playtime” where we really know how to play! In this first episode Lilly plays with some eggs, succubi and pineapples while enjoying Adventure Island II from atop her vibrating Tremor

Star Wars 3D Sculpted Dick Sticks: The Force Awakens… Nothing

Lilly and I try to be as fair and non-judgmental as possible when writing for Carnal Chameleon, but there’s one thing I think we can all agree on: Star Wars Episodes 1-3 were terrible! This of course has added to the excitement and surprise of the now very successful “The Force Awakens”. With any addition […]

The Pole and I

I take my first nervous steps onto the wooden floor. The air is thick with anticipation. I can feel every eye on me as I take my right hand and reach up to cup the cold hard steel. This being my first pole dancing recital I started to doubt myself. “How did I get here? […]

Tails and Portholes Mermaid

An Artist’s Story: Brandie of Tails and Portholes

Today on Artist’s Story we are talking to the up-and-coming oceanic themed dildo artisan, Brandie of Tails and Portholes! Here at Carnal Chameleon we like to dig right into the personal questions. Is your work-space organized or chaotic? Bit of both sometimes. I keep my pigments sorted by color, and all my molds and what […]

OXBALLS Foreskin

2016 ‘Gutter List’

Well it’s that time of year again so w… what’s that? New Years has long passed? Too bad! Here are our top 6 sexy toys have made our gutter list for this year. We are going to beg, borrow, and steal to get these goodies, so let’s get it kicked off. Stockroom K9 Muzzle Pup play […]

2015 ‘Gutter-List’ How Did We Do?

A year ago Lilly and I compiled our first “gutter-list” of sex toys we would like to try. Lets step through the 6 part list and see how we did. LELO: Ina Wave (FAIL) We never actually got our hands on an Ina Wave. We did manage to review the LELO which we liked well enough […]

"Central serous retinopathy" by Russell Neches (Rneches) - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons -

Stress Makes You Blind and Your Cum Orange

Let’s talk about anxiety. I’ll be honest, talking about anxiety makes me… anxious. But this is an important aspect of my personality that I need to work on and that few of my acquaintances are aware of. To give you an idea of where I fall on the scale of anxiety, consider that picking up […]

Lights, Camera, Action: How We Started Swinging – Part 2

Part 1 of How We Started Swinging is suggested reading as we pick up the story where we left off there. Previously on “How We Started Swinging”: Lilly: “Threesomes are something that I thought only happened in porn; they’re sexy and hot, but that’s not real life.” Lilly: “Honey, we have to talk…” Max: “This can’t be […]

Carnal Chameleon Has Been Nominated for The Real Neat Blog Award!

Both Mr. Will from Mr. Wills House Of Thrills and Lexi from DeviantKitten have nominated Carnal Chameleon for the “Real Neat Blog Award”. These bloggers are awesome, so I know you are of course already reading their blogs. Just to make sure, now would be a good time to also double check that you are […]