Lights, Camera, Action: How We Started Swinging – Part 2

Part 1 of How We Started Swinging is suggested reading as we pick up the story where we left off there.

Previously on “How We Started Swinging”:
Lilly: “Threesomes are something that I thought only happened in porn; they’re sexy and hot, but that’s not real life.”
Lilly: “Honey, we have to talk…”
Max: “This can’t be good!”
Lilly: “I realized that I’m not disgusted with their behavior… I’m turned on by it!”

I was pretty confused. Maybe Lilly was trying to lull me into believing that she was turned on by our friends having sex next to us, only to then turn around and say, “Gotcha!” Maybe she was just as confused as I was? We talked at length about it and she convinced me her interest was in fact more due to excitement than disgust. I decided to handle the situation much like I handle everything new in my life. That is to say, I looked it up on the internet and obsessed endlessly about it. After compiling a mountain of information, I decided it was time to present my findings to Lilly.

Only a day after I had let Max know my true feelings, he invited me over to his computer. “Hey, Lilly, I wanna show you some things I found.” I found it frustrating that he obsessed over it so much. He tried to convince me that interests like this don’t just go away, you either find an outlet for them or try to ignore them. I was not convinced. I was beginning to think I should never have told Max about this interest of mine. I was content to leave it as an unexplored fantasy.

I have been known to get obsessed about everything. Even such mundane topics as biphasic sleep patterns (and I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for those meddling social obligations). I love the idea of making Lilly’s fantasies come true. I understood her hesitation as I had many reservations about it myself. I tried thinking of which parts of the fantasy Lilly was interested in, and what parts might be scaring her. Then I came up with a suggestion that might allow us to explore the exciting parts without the scary parts.

Max suggested we try ‘camming’. We would wear masks to protect our identities (“Eyes Wide Shut” style!). This seemed like a fun compromise. I was excited with the thought of people watching us having sex, so long as they didn’t know who we were. After thinking it over, I agreed that I would like to try having sex on camera, as long as we were careful about it. Max assured me that if it started to feel weird or awkward he could simply disconnect from the show and that would be it. No big deal.

Wow, she agreed to it! Oh no, she agreed to it! Honestly I hadn’t prepared for scenario, I thought she would just say no and I’d be off the hook. Playing on camera sounded hot, having people watch. I had concerns that I might have difficulty ‘performing’ under such pressure. What if I finished too quickly? What if I couldn’t even get hard? Since I was the one to bring up the idea to Lilly I decided I better follow through on it, so I started researching live-cam sites.

I was both excited and nervous. Even though I had been losing weight I still was worried that people might think I was fat or unattractive. I kept comparing myself to all the sexy big-breasted porn stars out there. There was no way anyone would want to see me naked, let alone watch me have sex. I had agreed to try ‘camming’ though and I was not about to go back on my decision. It took me two hours or more to find the right outfit that matched my mask. Once we setup the bedroom and got the lighting just right, we put on our masks and turned the cam on.

When show time came it seemed like Lilly was much more at ease than me. When the cam went live about 100 people jumped on immediately. We hadn’t even stepped in front of the camera when comments started coming in:

“Fuk her ind a ass!”
“Where r u BB?”

Very poetic! Maybe not the most positive encouragement we could receive but we had come this far and it was time to show our stuff. I bravely sent Lilly in front of the camera first while I hid behind it. To be fair it would be pretty safe to guess the viewers were far more interested in seeing a sexy girl instead of my hairy bamboo ass.  The first 10 minutes were her chatting with the underbelly of the Internet as they respond in caps-locked shouts with all sorts of dirty commands. I didn’t think this was going well, I was becoming nervous.

I couldn’t believe it, Max makes all these plans, sets everything up and now he’s hiding behind the camera! Oh, no, mister, I don’t think so! I kept trying to secretly and seductively tempt Max out from behind the camera. “Love, they want to see me suck your cock!” I told Max as I showed him (and the entire internet) my breasts. He was chickening out. While Max was scared and hiding I was in my element! I loved having strangers see me in such a sexual way. Some of the comments were not very nice, but they were easy to ignore as I felt like I was simply role-playing a stranger on the internet. While on the cam I wasn’t the Lilly that everyone knew from work but instead a sexy sultry online vixen. That’s when I realized what I had to do. I typed “BRB” to my new fans and grabbed Max by the pants “You are doing this right now!”

Shit! She’s pulling me on camera! Then she unzipped my pants and pulled my underwear down! Oh god no! Oh…god…that feels good! Well, maybe I’ll stay in front of the camera for a while. Eventually I was enjoying Lilly’s sucking so much I was able to relax. Showing off for other people was hot. Lilly and I learned to ignore the negative comments and focus on how much people got off to us ‘getting off’. We experimented more with ‘camming,’ finding that we enjoyed 1 on 1 ‘camming’ with other couples even more. So we were into exhibitionism and voyeurism but what about actual swinging? I couldn’t help but wonder if our interest would take us further. Lilly and I had many lengthy discussions covering many topics from fetishism, fantasy to jealousy. Though we agreed that we weren’t ready to do anything in person yet, I suggested it might be educational to observe swingers in their natural habitat. I started researching nearby swinging clubs and events in hopes that we could attend and simply observe. While researching I learned that swingers practice careful consent, if we said no we were not going to be forced into it. Perhaps we could go, watch others have sex, and learn something. Anytime I found an interesting event I would approach Lilly.

As Max kept showing me swinging events, I intrigued but just not sure! We attempted to attend quite a few events, more than I want to admit, but we would both would chicken out and decide not to go. Then one day Max approached me with a swinging event, a hotel takeover themed as a pool party. We could go and if we were uncomfortable with the situation we would simply lock ourselves in our hotel room and order room service. We signed up for the event and when the day came we hadn’t canceled. After an hour drive Max and I pulled into the hotel parking lot. We nervously discussed and joked about things for a while before Max turned to me “Well, shall we?”. It was do or die time.

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