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2016 ‘Gutter List’

Well it’s that time of year again so w… what’s that? New Years has long passed? Too bad! Here are our top 6 sexy toys have made our gutter list for this year. We are going to beg, borrow, and steal to get these goodies, so let’s get it kicked off. Stockroom K9 Muzzle Pup play […]

2015 ‘Gutter-List’ How Did We Do?

A year ago Lilly and I compiled our first “gutter-list” of sex toys we would like to try. Lets step through the 6 part list and see how we did. LELO: Ina Wave (FAIL) We never actually got our hands on an Ina Wave. We did manage to review the LELO which we liked well enough […]


My 2015 “Gutter-list”

What is a “gutter-list” you may ask? Well it’s a bucket list, of sorts, only it’s down and dirty and represents all of our naughty desires. My gutter-list is a list of things that are going to make my money go right up my ass, sometimes literally! The following represents the toys Lilly and I […]