Star Wars 3D Sculpted Dick Sticks: The Force Awakens… Nothing

Lilly and I try to be as fair and non-judgmental as possible when writing for Carnal Chameleon, but there’s one thing I think we can all agree on: Star Wars Episodes 1-3 were terrible! This of course has added to the excitement and surprise of the now very successful “The Force Awakens”. With any addition […]

"Central serous retinopathy" by Russell Neches (Rneches) - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons -

Stress Makes You Blind and Your Cum Orange

Let’s talk about anxiety. I’ll be honest, talking about anxiety makes me… anxious. But this is an important aspect of my personality that I need to work on and that few of my acquaintances are aware of. To give you an idea of where I fall on the scale of anxiety, consider that picking up […]

Flughund Steuer

The Flughund Steuer: The Future of Sex Toys?

With any of the toys sent to Carnal Chameleon headquarters for review, there are familiar questions that come to mind. “Can this be used vaginally/anally?”, “Is the toy body safe?”, “Is the toy good for partnered sex?” and of-course “Will it blend?”. When German company Farbwechsel sent us their newest toy, the “Flughund Steuer” we […]

5 Un-sexy Signs that You Have a Dog

Lilly and I both love our bio-pets. Though I may have used a sexy Myspace profile picture of me holding a dog to ‘seal the deal’ when I first met Lilly, dogs can sometimes kill the mood. That is why I have compiled the following 5 Un-sexy signs that you have a dog! 5. Is […]