5 Un-sexy Signs that You Have a Dog

Lilly and I both love our bio-pets. Though I may have used a sexy Myspace profile picture of me holding a dog to ‘seal the deal’ when I first met Lilly, dogs can sometimes kill the mood. That is why I have compiled the following 5 Un-sexy signs that you have a dog!

5. Is it a Dog Toy or a Sex Toy?
Most people have tried their hand at the online quiz is it a dog toy or a sex toy?, but for you the question is more than simply an online quiz, it’s a finely tuned sense you developed to save yourself from embarrassing bedroom moments.

4. Surprise Cold Wet Nose
Every dog owner has been there. Sometimes in the heat of the moment you forget to close the bedroom door, and Fido decides to stick his nose where it doesn’t belong. Brrrr!

3. Why are Mommy and Daddy Fighting?
Some dogs just don’t quite understand what is happening when they witness the act. One of our friends have to be sure the dog is closed out of the bedroom least they interpret the wrestling as an attack on their owner. Luckily our dog simply groans loudly and leaves the room in a huff whenever we start kissing.

2. Join in the Chorus
Noisy partners are fun, but dog owners may often find accompaniment in the form of howling from the other room.

1. Spontaneous Crotch-less Underwear
Finally the last of the un-sexy signs you own a dog. Most dog owners never have to shop for crotch-less panties, all you need to do is leave the panties on the ground unattended and hey-presto, instant crotch-less underwear.

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