Ice Dragon on Ice!

Kelvin the Ice Dragon: A Song of Ice and Desire

Twas the night before Christmas,
when all thro’ the house.
Not a creature was stirring,
not even a mouse;

The cocks were hung
from their owners and bare,
In the hopes that the Bad Dragon
soon would be there!

An Intro to Bad Dragon
For the first review here at Carnal Chameleon I figured what better place to start than one of the most popular Bad Dragon toys out there. If you are not familiar with Bad Dragon they make amazingly detailed,  high quality fantasy toys. I highly recommend checking them out! I understand that their designs might make some of you gun-shy, but I assure you that your sex-organs care more about the amazing orgasm-inducing shapes, than they care about your reluctance to play with a toy that resembles something non-human. After-all we already play with plenty of toys that don’t resemble human parts, such as over sized dildos and crazy rabbit vibrators, this really isn’t much different.

A song of ice and desire

Kelvin the Ice Dragon

Why the Ice Dragon?
The ice dragon from Bad Dragon is a toy that my partner Lilly, and I had been interested in for a long time. It’s a silicone toy that is fashioned after a mythical dragon named Kelvin. It sports a curled and pointed head, and dangerous looking scales along the underside of the shaft. This leads down to a gentle “knot” (Thick circular portion at the base of the toy) that is meant to challenge the user and also “lock” the toy in place.  We had heard many good things about it, and the toy just looks bad ass. The “armor plating” scales along the front of the toy intimidated Lilly while giving the promise of an intense g-spot massage. As a boy that likes to put to put things in my bottom on occasion, this toy would be the most textured thing to enter my body (I really know how to talk sexy). We originally wanted to get the Ice Dragon in the toy exclusive “icy blue” colors, but we were tempted by the epic Black Friday sales  at Bad Dragon which offers incredible deals on the “onyx-black” color, so that’s what we went with.

Can Kelvin Come out and play?

Ice dragon arrives in an unmarked box

The Ordering Process
The ordering process with Bad Dragon is really smooth. You need to create an account but this just takes a minute and then you are on your way. Custom made orders will take a bit longer as you work through the tabs selecting size, colors, and firmness. Customization is one of the areas where Bad Dragon shines, no where else have I seen a site that offers so much customization with sex toys. Instead of just picking from pre-made colors, you can actually plug in your own, and even do interesting color effects like fading. Half of the enjoyment with Bad Dragon is designing your toy and ending up with a beautiful, phallic piece of art that you can jam into your body (Told you I know how to talk sexy). Our toy shipped within a few days since it was a pre-made “adoption” but custom orders may take a week or more while they create the toy. Wait times for custom orders has been one of the weak points of Bad Dragon, but it appears they have invested a lot in resolving this issues, as many customers report much faster turn around times. Orders arrive in a discrete, plain brown box with no mention of dragon dongs.  The toy itself is packaged in a sealed plastic bag contained in tissue paper and fun peanuts.

Unleash the beast

Ice dragon sealed in a plastic bag

The First Play Through
After unpacking the toy (and sticking a few of the peanuts to the cat) it was time to play. I tossed the toy into a bowl of hot water to get it nice and warm. I have previously had difficulty with small sized, medium-firmness toys from Bad Dragon since they are generally much softer than you expect. Thinner toys may tend to bend awkwardly as you are trying to insert it, and I sometimes end up developing a hand cramp by the time I work the toy in (Of course I am not as experienced at back-end play as many of the usual Bad Dragon customers, so your mileage may vary). However the ice dragon had just enough strength to penetrate easily without bending. This may be due to the well tapered tip which makes insertion near effortless. The base was great for handling and maneuvering the toy while the ridges were far less of a challenge than I thought they were going to be. Instead of a “Ratcheting” effect like you might expect, it was instead a pleasant massage as the toy slid in. The experience left me wishing I had invested in the cum-tube, as it makes ‘lubing up’ less of a chore as you don’t have to pull the toy all the way out to apply more lube. I was looking forward to the sensation of the scales along the base while having a knot in, but I finished before I could get that far! My one concern about the ice dragon is that there is no space after the knot, which would prevent added movement once the knot is in.

Would you like to play a game?

medium sized ice dragon next to an Xbox controller

A Vaginal Perspective
Here’s what Lilly had to say about her experience with the ice dragon:

“Just looking at Kelvin was a huge turn on, the ridges looked fun plus the knot near the base actually looked manageable as far as knot sizes go. We went with the medium size, which meant that a small girl like me should be able to take the knot with a little practice. Even with medium firmness, the Ice Dragon has a nice amount of give. It can ‘squish’ to accommodate a tight space, but it is still firm enough that it doesn’t start bending back in on itself like some other soft toys. The ridges along the front felt amazing against the g-spot, and surprisingly even better along the back wall of the vagina when I flipped the toy around. Despite trying, the knot was just out of reach, but with a little practice I’m confident it can be done. The medium was perfect length for me, but I am smaller than average so other vagina owners might want to consider a larger size. I really wish we had gotten a custom color and a cum tube, but even without these I would rate the orgasm an 8.5 out of 10!”

In Conclusion
So there you have it, Bad Dragons ice dragon is a great addition to your collection and an excellent toy to start with if you are new to Bad Dragon toys. It’s not nearly as intimidating as some of their other offerings, and the fact that it is based on a mythical dragon instead of an existing animal makes it easier to explain to friends and partners. The ice dragon is a toy that we will be including in our play regularly and we are going to be sure to introduce it when playing with other couples.

Check out those scales

Ice dragon underside with knot

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