Ambrosia vibe being worn by a portal turret

Ambrosia Vibe: The Worlds First Cyborg Penis

How I Found the Worlds First Cyborg Penis
I first heard about Orgasmatronics bionic strap-on, the ‘Ambrosia vibe’ through their Indegogo campaign. Indegogo is a crowd-sourcing setup similar to Kickstarter, only Indegogo actually allows for fun adult toys! After watching Orgasmatronics campaign video, I was hooked instantly! You could tell the Orgasmatronics crew was excited about their idea, and that excitement was contagious. It’s impossible to watch their campaign video and not fall in love with Dr. X and his crew. Additionally they really sold me on the concept that a strap-on that gives feedback to the wearer is not only a fun toy, but also a powerful tool in exploring your sexuality in a new way.  Previously, non-penis owners had to make do with only the psychological pleasures of the strap-on experience. A non-penis owner can now finally “feel” penetration of their partner, and enjoy a physical sensation that is choreographed with their actions.

The ambrosia vibe control module

The control module

The Ambrosia Vibe Arrives
Since I ordered through the Indegogo campaign, I had to anxiously wait for the product to go through final design and production. Eventually a plain brown package showed up at my door from “Boulder Applied Physics”, which is great for 2 reasons.

1. Nosy people won’t realize I’ve ordered a sex toy.

2. Most importantly, said people might assume I’m some kind of mad scientist that has ordered the final part for my new dooms day device. You can’t buy that kind of publicity!

I’m unsure if the manual suggest washing before the first use, but I went ahead and washed it anyway because seriously, who the hell reads instructions when a fun new toy shows up?! You just dive right in, hope you don’t break it, and save the literature for a boring bathroom trip. (Editors note: you should always fully read instruction manuals before using a new toy). The silicone on the insert-able part of the toy seems well made and sturdy. Orgasmatronics tried to think of everything, they even made sure to leave a small hole on the underside of the base so that the vibe can be pushed out without having to pull the vibe out by the wire. Upon close inspection you can get an idea of how the toy does it’s sensing. You can feel a hollow channel that runs the along the underside of the shaft. Pressing or squeezing along this shaft seems to push air through the tube, into the controller device.

A Bullet Hole

They even thought to add a small hole to the bottom, to aid in removing the egg.

Lets Get it On
We had splurged and received the extra perk of the stealth vegan harness from ASLAN Leather, so all that was left is to have Lilly, my female partner put on the harness and we were ready to get to business! Lilly and I had doubts that the egg being located at the base of the toy was going to be intense enough for her liking as it would place the vibrations on the top of her mound. (Later we tried using the toy with the egg in the default position at the base of the toy, and Lilly reported it was intense enough to stimulate her clit). So we removed the egg from the base of the toy, put the egg in a condom, and had her insert the egg vaginally. After getting everything situated, it was hard to ignore the fact that the setup was a bit ‘fiddly’. It was hard to stay in the mood while trying to run the wire here, and the un-tucking the tube from there and placing the controller box so it wont fall. However we soon forgot about the setup experience as Lilly switched on her cyborg cock and received her first taste of what it’s like to have a penis.

Lets play a game

Laid out next to an Xbox360 controller

Now Lets “Get it On”
Once Lilly had tried jerking off for a while (Never thought those words would come out of my mouth) The real fun could begin. Our first session with the Ambrosia vibe was going to be a pegging session. For those not in the know “pegging” is when a female-bodied partner uses a strap-on to anally penetrate a male-bodied partner. Our experience with the Ambrosia vibe is best described with the following 3 words; fun, intense, and short. The session was so stimulating we both reached orgasm in under 5 minutes.  I don’t have a lot of experience with toys going into my back-end, but the lubricated Ambrosia vibe entered easily. As soon as Lilly inserted the toy she received a quick pulse of vibration inside her vagina, She actually moaned with pleasure as she penetrated! After multiple play sessions it’s hard to overstate how much the feedback adds to the experience. With an ordinary strap-on, the partner wearing the dong can feel like they are more observer than participant, as they thrust into a person who is experiencing the throes of passion. With the Ambrosia vibe, it becomes much more of a shared experience. In our two pegging sessions both Lilly and I reached orgasm simultaneously, synchronized through the vibrations and pulses of the Ambrosia vibe. Lilly reported that the vibrations she experienced, correlated very well to the intensity of her thrusting.

Many Ways to Play
It’s easy to see how the Ambrosia Vibe can spice up traditional strap-on play, but we soon learned that the toy affords quite a few new ways to play, by your self or with a partner. For example, Lilly and I attached the strap-on to a pillow, inserted the egg inside of her vagina (Again wrapped in a condom) and I enjoyed penetrating her anally while she sucked off the toy. (Lilly later reported that since the egg would only vibrate when she was pleasuring the toy, this will help her to focus better when giving oral to a partner while receiving pleasure.) The possibilities of play with the Ambrosia vibe are limited only by your imagination (and the length of the wire and tube on the toy itself).  We continue to explore and discover new ways to use the Ambrosia vibe and integrate it into our play.

The controller includes a clip on the back.

The controller includes a clip on the back.

The Takeaway
If you are looking for a more interactive an intimate strap-on experience with your partner, than it’s a no-brainer, stop what you are doing and buy this toy! If you are looking to try pegging for the first time, then you can’t do better than starting with the Ambrosia vibe. The insert-able is gentle and easy for an anal novice and it gives a great sense of feedback to an in-experienced top. If you are a size queen and take toys like XL Chance for breakfast, then the size of the Ambrosia vibe will leave much to be desired.  The sensing is not 1:1 as you might expect, instead it sorts the sensing into 3 main categories; continuous soft, continuous strong, and short soft pulse. This at first seems limiting, but a general synchronization of sensation is far better than a laggy or bug-prone experience that might arise from a toy attempting 1:1 sensations. The Ambrosia vibe is a toy that we will be introducing to our other partners and it’s sure to see plenty of play time as it’s our current favorite toy. So what are you waiting for? Treat yourself to a cyborg cock!

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