OXBALLS Foreskin

2016 ‘Gutter List’

Well it’s that time of year again so w… what’s that? New Years has long passed? Too bad! Here are our top 6 sexy toys have made our gutter list for this year. We are going to beg, borrow, and steal to get these goodies, so let’s get it kicked off.

Stockroom K9 Muzzle
Stockroom Pup Muzzle

Pup play can be a lot of fun, but we have had a hard time finding a hood or mask that really fit our tastes. It seems they either obscure most of the face and look pretty good, or they show off the face but have an odd shaped muzzle. The K9 Muzzle by Stockroom seems to strike the perfect balance for what we like.

Exotic Erotics Sub Woofer

Exotic Erotics SubWoofer

We have yet to try anything from Exotic Erotics but they have an impressive lineup of fantasy toys. The Sub Woofer is right up our ally. Knotted toys are always fun and the circuit board embossing looks incredible.

Kiiro Onyx and Pearl Couple
Kiiro Pearl + Onyx Couple

I’m a VR nerd as well as a sex nerd. The future of sexual entertainment will be virtual and Kiiro’s kit looks to be a good first step into virtual long-distance sex!

OXBALLS Foreskin

OXBALLS Foreskin

Lilly and I had the pleasure of getting to know Ox and the rest of the OXBALLS team at the ANME Founders conference. We learned quite a bit from Ox, and we also got very excited about their silicone foreskin line. I was circumcised at birth so I am really curious about how it feels to be ‘in-tact’. Plus i’ve heard this can get back some of the sexual sensitivity lost to not having my ‘protective cover’.

Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion


Vibration is fun and all, but why not some authentic thrusting in a toy? We’ve had our eye on Fun Factory for quite a while and their new Stronic motor for thrusting vibes could be a game changer. Plus we love their sharp colors and spiffy german design.

Sportsheets Sportsheet


You know what’s awesome? Restraining a partner for some BDSM Play. You know what sucks? Having to learn knots and untangling rope before getting to restrain your partner. When we visited Sportsheets at ANME and checked out their fabric/velcro bondage sheet of fun and doom, we were very excited. Who wouldn’t want to ‘velcro’ their loved one to the bed for some fun?

Well that’s it for now, it was tough to just pick 6. There is a lot of new and exciting products this year from a ton of manufacturers, so here’s to a fun and sex-filled 2016!

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