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An Artist’s Story: Brandie of Tails and Portholes

Tails and Portholes Nerei

Step 2: Put your Nereid in a box!

Today on Artist’s Story we are talking to the up-and-coming oceanic themed dildo artisan, Brandie of Tails and Portholes!

Here at Carnal Chameleon we like to dig right into the personal questions. Is your work-space organized or chaotic?

Bit of both sometimes. I keep my pigments sorted by color, and all my molds and what not on a separate shelf from the work table but….sometimes I leave things out on the table haha.

Tails and Portholes Jellyfish

Tenetacles and testecles go well together in this case.

I’d call that pretty organized, where it matters at least.
How did your artistic journey start? How long have you considered yourself an artist?
I’ve been drawing and writing forever! (fun fact, I’ve even gotten a poem published.) I went to college for an art degree but I never called myself an artist until I started making dildos. I’m not bad at the other things, I’m not. But I’m proud of what I can do in silicone and it doesn’t feel weird to call myself an “artisian dildo maker” at all.
 You have to tell us about this poem! Did it feature Chameleons? We also happen to know you dabble in anthropomorphic (Furry Art)
Hahaha the poem was YEARS ago. I have the book it was in but other then that…. *shrugs noncommittally*. Yes I do. My character is a coyote/chipmunk hybrid and I enjoy the fandom. Most of my friends are furries. They’re very welcoming and easy to get along with (For the most part, there’s drama everywhere if you look hard enough).

Furry friends are the best!

Tails and Portholes Coral Reef

Coral Reef and alcoholic root beer. Recipe for a good night.

Is there something that drives your artistic motivation?

Not really. Mermaids? Sea creatures? I get an idea and throw myself at figuring it out. Sometimes more on the back burner but the thoughts are always rolling around.

We love your nautical themes, have you found a particular subject that inspires you? Is there a favorite type of piece that you enjoy working on the most?
Mermaids? I get a lot of inspiration from silicone mermaid tail makers. (seriously Google PearlieMae tails, Merbellas and Finfolk! It’s to die for!)
We have heard you moonlight as authentic fish tailed mermaid! Tell us a little about that.
I wouldn’t call it moonlighting. Haha I *have* a mermaid tail that I do swim in occasionally. I do want to eventually make my own full silicone mermaid tail.
That would be awesome, we’ll include a picture for the readers.
How do you know when a particular piece is finished?

For sculpting it’s when it feels right. That’s really kinda wishy washy I know but its the truth. Lol

Tails and Portholes Mermaid

You should get all of your oceanic themed dildos from a mermaid. That’s just common sense.

Fair enough, is there a piece you are most proud of?
Not really. 🙂 I love all of my silicone pours equally.
We also love all of your pours!
Technology seems to be expanding the artistic landscape. Have you noticed any changes relating to this? How has it affected your work?
Yes! I’m switching from clay to 3D modeling and printing.
We are really looking forward to that.
I believe you are working on two new designs currently?
Yes, the Poseidon (which was 3D modeled by the Lovely Down Under Dicks on tumblr and given to me to make) and the Leviathan, which is my personal take on a tentacle. The Poseidon will be smaller, topping out at around 4 inches or so while the Leviathan will be 7ish.
Is there a medium or subject type you would love to explore, but haven’t yet?

Leatherworking? Maybe? Chainmaille?

Tails and Portholes Merman

The Merman tips the ‘scales’

That would be awesome! Now for the tough question, if you were a chameleon, which color(s) would you most often display?
Blue and pinks!
We’ve heard you have a dog that rides a motorcycle, is that true?
That’s absolutely true! Its the only thing he does that remotely manly. Haha! He’s a giant priss who adores clothes and being clean so the fact that he rides a motorcycle and loves it is really his only saving grace! XP
That is one seriously badass pup!
We would like to thank Brandie for taking the time to talk with us. Be sure to check out her Etsy store here. Don’t forget about Tumblr and Twitter.
Judge The Cycling Wonder Pup

He’s a a rebel without a ‘paws’

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