Doxy Skittle

The Doxy Skittle: Keep Calm and Vibe On!

Putting ‘Skittles’ in your butt is generally a bad idea but for Doxy we will make an exception. Oh? Skittle is just the name that this cunning British sex toy company came up with for their new massager? Well then, Keep calm and vibe on!

Meet the ‘Nobble’

Doxy Skittle

Skittle on Skittle action

As a P.O.E 1 I thought my uses for the Doxy Skittle would be limited. I generally don’t care for directed vibration along my shaft or balls, so there was really only one obvious way I could see to use this toy. The Doxy Skittle prominently features a protuberance that could be described as, well, a protruding proboscis, er a Gonzo Nose?… Aww hell let’s just call it the ‘nobble’. The Doxy Skittle ‘nobble‘ had a date with my back end.

I wasn’t expecting much, I have used vibrating toys in my back end before so what makes the Doxy Skittle so different? Shortly after inserting the lubricated ‘nobble’ and switching on the vibes, I Unexpectedly started cumming. Mind you I wasn’t having an orgasm as far as I could tell ( I mean I should know right?) but there it was, my stomach was covered with my cum. The Doxy Skittle had managed to milk my prostate! It didn’t feel good, it didn’t feel bad, it just… happened. “Hmm” I said to myself “That’s new, Let’s see where this goes!”

Double Cumming, All The Way!

I continued stroking myself as I gently increased the vibration intensity. The Doxy Skittle seems to be just the right size and shape to give concentrated stimulation to my prostate. The ridge at the base of the ‘nobble’ rested firmly against my perineum. It didn’t take long for me to reach a legitimate feel-good orgasm this time. The Doxy Skittle actually caused me to ejaculate twice in under 10 minutes! I soon learned this isn’t the only way to have fun with the Doxy Skittle.


Bad Dragon Janine getting it on with Doxy Skittle

Bad Dragon Janine getting it on with Doxy Skittle

One of the discoveries we made when experimenting with the Doxy Skittle was that it could be used to add another dimension to our existing penetrable and sleeve toys. By simply inserting the ‘nobble’ into the open hole in a masturbator (That’s the one your dick’s not in) you can turn any lifeless labia, into a vivacious vulva! I was amazed at how well this worked, the Doxy Skittle effortlessly transferred its vibes through silicone penetrables and flesh-like sleeves alike. As an added bonus using the Skittle in this way also acts like a “Cork”, providing an air-tight seal and thus suction when using these toys. 2 This worked way better than the method of pinching the open end.

Analcise: Warm Up Your Buns!

Before you exercise it’s always a good idea to have a warm up 3.  A lighter activity that ramps your body up for whatever workout it’s about to endure. So it is with anal play. The Doxy Skittle is now my go too device for getting my ass ready for fun. The shape and size of the ‘nobble’ is far from intimidating and really does the trick to relax my second sphincter. Plus I’ve found with anal ‘just a spoonful of vibration helps the medicine go down’.

Doxy Skittle and Xbox 360 controller.

Taste the rainbow

A Vaginal Perspective

Now for a more ‘vaginal’ opinion from my beloved VOE 4 partner, Lilly:
At first glance The Doxy Skittle looked like a retro-futuristic toy with a nub coming out of the top. Corded toys that allow you to plug in can be described as a Goldilocks story. This cord is too short, and that one is too long. In this case the Doxy Skittle unfortunately is in the it’s ‘too long’ category. No matter how much you try to tame the cord it will inevitably get tangled. This quibble is easily forgotten when I realize how much vibration comes out of such a small toy. The protruding ‘nobble’ did make me cum and I really enjoyed the vibration against my clit. Once inserted into my vagina it was a bit lacking. The nub was just a bit too thin, feeling more like a thumb going in me than a pulsing penis. This being said,  The Doxy Skittle has taken the place of my little trusted vibrator. It’s a great appetizer before the main course. 

The ‘Butt’on of The Review

Doxy Skittle with control dongle and skittles.

Making our mouths water

We love our Doxy Skittle but there is one part that could stand some improvement. The Doxy Skittle ‘control dongle’ includes 3 buttons of the same size and shape; a ‘+’ and ‘-‘ for controlling vibration intensity and a power button. All three of these buttons glow a bright blue while the toy is in use, which makes it very difficult to tell them apart. On more than one occasion when things were heating up while I used the toy on Lilly, I went to increase the vibration, and instead switched the Doxy Skittle off. After dodging a few punches from an aggravated Lilly I was able to switch the toy back on and resume the fun. Our suggestion? Consider placing a red LED under the power button or physically moving the power button away from the other 2 buttons to help distinguish it. That being said, the Doxy Skittle has integrated seamlessly into our sex life and is a regular on our night stand for those “needing a little spice on the vanilla” nights. We both go right for our Skittle when we need to ‘warm up’ for a long session, and it added new life to my penetrable toys. So ‘Taste the Rainbow’ and let the Doxy Skittle ‘nobble’ into your heart, and other places.

We received the Doxy Skittle free of charge from Doxy in exchange for our honest review. The Doxy Skittle can be purchased from SheVibe here.

Many Skittles were harmed in the making of this review.


  1. Penis owning entity.
  2. This of-course takes up some of the usable length of these toys, I only ‘ran’ into this problem when using my smaller sleeves.
  3. Or so I’ve been told. It’s not like I work out.
  4. Vagina owning entity.
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