Have an ‘Electro-Sexual Christmas’ With This Carnal Chameleon Giveaway!

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Have an ‘Electro-Sexual Christmas’ With This Carnal Chameleon Giveaway

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Would you believe it’s because we love you? No? Well ok it’s because we need more followers and people respond well to bribery! Also Max is a pansy and is afraid of electricity on his balls. December 30th is Carnal Chameleons 1 year anniversary. That’s right, 1 year of us horny little lizards telling you what to bring with you under the sheets!


Not into getting zapped? How about some TENGA masterbators?

Brought To You By MEO

MEO is a german special mail-order business for all sorts of fun fetish toys. They provide for many of the interests we discuss on this site, from BDSM to pet play. Lilly and I have been amazed at the variety and quality of toys available from MEO. Be sure to check them out!

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