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‘TENGA Play With Yourself’ Carnal Chameleon Giveaway -brought to you by MEO

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Would you believe it’s because we love you? No? Well ok it’s because we need more followers and people respond well to bribery! Also December 30th is Carnal Chameleons 1 year anniversary. That’s right, 1 year of us horny little lizards telling you what to bring with you between the sheets! Love to you all!


TENGA masturbators not your thing? How about some electro-Sexual fetish fun?

Brought To You By MEO

MEO is a german special mail-order business for all sorts of fun fetish toys. They provide for many of the interests we discuss on this site, from BDSM to pet play. Lilly and I have been amazed at the variety and quality of toys available from MEO. Be sure to check them out!

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