Adventures In Business Travel: ‘Easy Beat’ TENGA Egg Pack

Max’s Log: Day 0

Location: Denver, CO

You have got to be kidding me!? 2 separate business trips nearly back to back? Ugh, I have to dress up and pretend to be a normal productive member of society, gross! What about evening entertainment? Most of my sex toys are not things I’d like TSA to come across, like my Krubera and Shark. I know! I’ll bring that six pack of TENGA eggs! If TSA raises an eyebrow I can just pretend they are Kinder Suprise Eggs. They don’t need to know the prize contained within is actually a sex toy.

Spider egg, spider egg, does whatever a spider egg can

Spider TENGA Egg

Max’s Log: Day 1

Egg Type: Spider
Location: Charleston, SC

The TENGA Eggs made it safely through security. After a quick meal I secured the bolt on my hotel-room door and made a beeline to my suitcase. My date for this first evening away from my Lilly was ‘Spider’. Opening the egg was oddly reminiscent of opening plastic easter eggs when I was a youngster, but instead of jelly beans contained within I found a marshmallow-like sex toy!

I removed the plastic insert from the underside of the “egg white”. This is a packet of water-based lube thoughtfully stuffed inside the sheath. I ceremoniously dispensed the contents of the packet into the egg and used my finger to spread the slippery substance around the opening. Satisfied with the amount of ‘slick-ification’, I topped my now erect member with the white egg. Note: This made my penis resemble  a flesh-tone, white tipped mushroom.

The inside of the ‘Spider’ TENGA egg is lined with a web pattern. With the sleeve stretched over my entire length, I realized this must be what it would feel like if spiderman had shot his web-goo at your man parts. The square reservoirs in the toy seemed to hold onto the lube and dispense it evenly over my skin. This first egg was a very enjoyable experience that helped me prepare for business manontany to come. I have cleaned up and layed out my disguise (Khakis and a button down shirt). With a little luck I will blend in tomorrow.

Move over Stair Master! We have Step Master!

Stepper TENGA Egg

Max’s Log: Day 2

Egg Type: Stepper
Location: Charleston, SC

My business casual camouflage has proved sufficient. Though I have not yet integrated into the tribe. I was able to safely hide, sticking towards the perimeter of the business-creature heard. I have begun taking note of  some of their ritualistic behavior, such as pointless small talk followed by laughter and a handshake.

After tonight’s TENGA egg session with the ‘Stepper’ I can confirm that chicken wings are an excellent food choice prior to a session of self love. As it turned out the TENGA egg provided a layer of protection between me and any ‘spice’ left on my hands from the wings. The ‘Stepper’ features half-moon shaped steps. These ‘shelves’ alternate in orientation, giving you both sides of the step no matter which direction you are stroking. Note: Tonight  I was able to use the egg in such a way that no lube got on my hands making cleanup a cinch. This is my last evening in South Carolina before heading, so I packed up but left my ‘Clicker’ egg out for some early morning fun.

Oh!! It finally clicked!

Clicker TENGA Egg

Max’s Log: Day 3

Egg Type: Clicker
Location: Charleston, SC

I wonder what the cleaning staff thought when they emptied my trash and found multiple spent egg ‘shells’.

  • “What is a ‘Stepper’ egg?”
  • “Why is there Japanese writing all over these wrappers?”
  • “Do these sheets need to be burned?”

The many bumps of the ‘Clicker’ TENGA egg stretch apart in much the same way galaxies move away from one another in our expanding universe. Continuing the metaphor the sensation is particularly enjoyable during the “big crunch” when the nobs all come back together.

Using the ‘Clicker’ this morning was a nice change of pace. I should use sex toys in the morning more often. Having an orgasm pre-business set me up for a fantastic nap. Unfortunately it was during the closing remarks of the conference. After closer observation I believe the ritualistic behavior I observed yesterday is part of a ‘pairing negotiation’. if things go well, little pieces of paper are exchanged with the promise of future business fornication. This is how baby-startups are born.

"I think it was the same cow"

Twister TENGA Egg

Max’s Log: Day 4

Egg Type: Twister
Location: Denver, CO

I am back home for a much needed rest between business trips. This time Lilly has label the eggs with the night I am to use them. I love having directions to follow!

As a going away gift Lilly used the ‘Twister’ on me while I got to lay back and enjoy. The spiral pattern made it feel like the sheath was rotating as she stroked.

Auxiliary: Lilly’s Log 

I was really excited to have Max home for a bit. I was really curious about the TENGA eggs so I picked one of the remaining eggs labeled ‘Twister’. I enjoyed being able to feel his cock through the soft texture. When the sleeve was stretched I could actually see him through the toy. The light weight egg was a nice change from heavier sleeves and penetrables I had used on Max before, allowing me to stroke him full speed without my arm getting tired.

Almost the real thing! If the real thing was made out of an unknown rubber and came in an egg with lube jammed in it!

Silky TENGA Egg

Max’s Log: Day 5

Egg Type: Silky
Location: San Diego, CA

I find myself among higher-ranking business-creatures now. Their garments are more formal and less comfortable. I suspect this display of self-induced discomfort is used to show their willingness to endure pain and thus their dominance if engaged in a business-brawl.

Tonight I used the ‘Silky’ TENGA egg, which revealed a pleasant surprise. The subtle, disorganized ridges felt remarkably familiar to me, they felt similar to the inside of a real vagina! I Miss you Lilly!

Smile and wave!

Wavy TENGA Egg

Max’s Log: Day 6

Egg Type: Wavy
Location: San Diego, CA

There is increasing chatter among the business creatures of ‘telling stories’ and ‘demonstrating value’, I find my brain just outright rejecting any new information from these beings. It’s my firm belief that the more time you spend talking about something, the less likely you are to actually do anything. I’m looking forward to being home where the world makes sense!

Tonight’s session with the ‘Wavy’  TENGA egg was not my favorite. Perhaps I was tired or it was too dry, but the larger surface area on this egg’s internal texture seemed to cause too much friction for my taste. I had to stop once to make make sure I wasn’t starting a fire with my dick. It took extra time for me to reach climax and by then my arm was pretty tired! Time for bed, I can’t wait to have my Lilly back tomorrow!

TENGA egg lube

How The Lube Comes

Max’s Log: Final

Location: Denver, CO

The ritual of removing the wrapper, cracking the egg and sliding out the lube became a cathartic escape at the end of each day. I really looked forward to it! Every night was like a sexual Easter complete with an egg concealing a carnal surprise. It’s a bummer that the TENGA eggs are intended for one-time/limited use, but I suppose that’s the nature of sleeves. You either have something super soft and temporary or something made out of less forgiving silicone that could survive a dip in Mount Doom. I found the TENGA eggs to be a delightful travel companion that I didn’t have to worry about when sacrificing all my freedoms for TSA. The thought of bringing TENGA eggs along almost has me excited to leave for my next business trip! almost.

TENGA Eggs Packed And Ready

TENGA Eggs Packed And Ready

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