Anthro Shark: Deep Blue Sex

Baz Hogan: Storm’s dying down.
Nova Clarke: How can you tell?
Baz Hogan: Not as many sharks flying around.

Anthro Shark Next to Snorkel Equipment

Snorkeling Equipment Not Included

After starting a sex toy review with a Sharknado quote, I think it may be time to re-evaluate my life and each of the decisions that has lead me to this one particular moment. However, in the meantime let me tell you about Bad Dragons penetrable anthro shark toy. I have talked about Bad Dragon a little bit before in our review of their ice dragon dildo. Bad Dragon excels at producing very high quality dildos based on many real and fantasy creatures such as horses, dragons, and werewolves. They however also produce a line penetrable toys. These toys made for the male-bodied persuasion offer such sultry wonders as the dragon muzzle, werewolf vagina, and even an adorably cute deer butt. I am uncertain if Bad Dragon was the first company to offer fantasy penetrable toys, but they certainly offer the most variety. (11 different toys at the time of writing)

Born In a Lab
I first came across the shark when I as browsing Bad Dragon Labs. Bad Dragon Labs is a place where people can submit their own creative (and sometimes deranged) design ideas for fantasy toys. It’s worth checking out if only see some of the amazingly creative, and bizarre ideas people have come up with. Bad Dragon occasionally pics from the popular designs when creating new toys. Kelvin , Slepnir, Fenrir and the anthro shark are among some of the toys that started out in the lab.

anthro shark and xbox 360 controller

We’re gonna need a bigger controller

Hook, Line, and Sinker
When the anthro shark was finally introduced into the Bad Dragon line up, it remained extraordinarily faithful to it’s lab incarnation. However the lab version did sport some gorgeous color features, such as light brown spots on the fins that did not make it into the final design. My suspicion is that these color features were not practical to implement in a silicone toy. I find that the final product is rather stunning. I was immediately drawn to the anthro sharks sleek lines and intrigued by it’s sensuous fins. I should note that the fins are purely cosmetic. They don’t add anything to the sensation of penetration, and they are not big enough to grab on to. The anthro shark is easily the best looking penetrable in my collection, especially since I got it in the natural color. This adds $20 to the price, but I feel that having split colors for the labia adds a lot to the look.

Taking the Dive
As is my custom with penetrable toys, I soaked the anthro shark in a pitcher of warm water for about 15 minutes. (This shark apparently is a fresh-water fish, so adding salt is not required) I like to practice the buddy system when swimming in dangerous waters, so I had my dive partner Lilly join me for my first session with the shark. When I was ready I had Lilly lay on her back and hold the shark horizontally between her legs so that I could penetrate the toy in much the same way I would penetrate her. The first thing I noticed is that the anthro shark is fairly tight, easily the tightest penetrable in my collection. This along with the smooth and subtle interior texture create a unique sensation that resembles anal sex, with the added feeling of a vaginal opening. Unlike my other penetrable toys, the anthro shark seems prone to “Spitting you out” as you pull out of the toy. When using it as a masturbator, I found that the toy will sometimes push off of my penis as it’s so tight. It’s apparently best to stay in the ‘deep end’ with this one.

Internal shot of the anthro shark

No scuba tanks to be found

It’s What’s Inside that Counts
Sticking with the fish theme, the interior texture of the anthro shark is much smoother than any of the other Bad Dragon penetrables. When compared side by side with my anthro dragoness and werewolf toys, the shark offers much less sensation. However the gentler interior is not without it’s benefits. For one I found the shark to be much quieter with less ‘slurpy’ sounds than my other toys. I have had a history of over-sensitivity when using penetrable toys, so it’s nice to have a toy that I can while not having to worry about the sensations assaulting my receptive penis. The anthro shark is the first toy I was able to cum inside of, other toys are far more intense and make me pull the toy off before finishing. The smooth walls also allow for great suction play, a single finger placed over the open end is all it takes to create an airtight vacuum.

Lilly’s Perspective

While it’s not possible for me to use the anthro shark in the usual way, I can tell you that the shark is quickly becoming my favorite penetrable to use with Max. I love watching him penetrate this slippery girl as her opening resembles that of a human female. I have had a hard time with other toys, namely Hazel the werewolf, because the design of the vulva made it hard for me to guide Max in. The front of the anthro shark is better at funneling his cock in.

The Take Away
For those that are new to fantasy toys, Bad Dragons designs can take a little bit of getting used to. Their similarity to non-human creatures, both fictional and real can be a potential turn off and cause someone to miss out on some of the best toys on the market for male-bodied people. For these people the anthro shark could be the Rosetta stone. Compared to other penetrable toys that Bad Dragon offers, the anthro shark looks practically human. Well, ok so it has some fins on the front but it looks more natural then the freaks line offered by Fleshlight. Given how tight the anthro shark is, if you are endowed with above average girth, you may want to go for a larger penetrable such as Janine or Mary. For those that are interested in trying something a little more exotic than a Fleshlight, but not quite ready to jump into a hungry tentacle maw, the anthro shark is a great gateway drug to the world of fantasy toys.

anthro shark looking through goggles

She’s got eyes for you

We received the anthro shark from Bad Dragon free of charge in exchange for our honest review. The anthro shark can be purchased from Bad Dragon here.

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