Petunia The Tentacle Maw: It Feeds at Night

For a while, I thought our relationship was taking a turn for the worse. We still loved each-other, but sex was no longer a priority for either of us. We would go weeks at a time with no physical intimacy. Weeks turned into months, and soon it had been 6 months since sharing each-others company in any sort of sensual way. Then all at once, the the dry spell was over. I awoke from a dream to the feeling of my cock surrounded by moist warmth. In the darkness I could just make out a lump in the sheets, bouncing rhythmically. She was giving me head! After such a long dry spell she seemed ravenous, engulfing and sucking my member in unfamiliar ways. The release brought such relief, I immediately fell asleep before I got the chance to thank her.

She seemed unwilling to talk about it during the day, but each night she woke me with an oral rendezvous. Each time such an intense and orgasmic experience I would lose consciousness directly after. One day I decided to break the silence on the subject. I told her that tonight was her turn, I’d like to take care of her. She had no idea what I was talking about. According to her the last time she gave me head was over a year ago.

Later that day a discovery was made. We found… it… under the bed. In a way we felt responsible for manifesting this creature of tentacles, growing it with our sexual tension. The only thing we knew for sure, is that it needed to feed each night, and it’s appetite was growing…

Primal Hardwere
Primal Hardwere is one of the lesser known contenders in the realm of fantasy sex toys. They may not have the brand recognition of some of the others, but they make up for it with some truly unique and innovative toys. One of their most well known (and possibly feared) offerings is an ovipositor toy which you can actually use to make your body a host to gelatin eggs. (They have recently released a new version of the ovipositor so be sure to check that out). This is some really beautifully twisted stuff!

Petunia next to XBOX controller

Petunia is great at computer games.

Why Did I Want To Try Petunia?
I’ll be honest, when I first saw Petunia, my initial reaction was not positive. I have no real interest in tentacles and the graboid look didn’t really do it for me. At-least, that’s what I thought. However I found myself frequently flipping back to the tab to get anther look at it. Petunia was so different and weird, I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. Especially the pictures that feature copious amounts of stringy lube. I had to admit that it looked like a enticing environment for my cock to explore. Prior experience has shown, that often times the most polarizing desires are the ones that offer the most intense rewards for exploring. So I decided that a cock-sucking tentacle was in fact something I would like to try.

From the moment I picked up Petunia for the first time, I was impressed with how velvety smooth and soft the texture was. Comparing it to other penetratables, the Petunia is fairly softer than Bad Dragons toys, but still firmer than Fleshlight toys. Primal Hardwere doesn’t mention anything about the internal texture on the website, so I was pleasantly surprised when I stuck a finger inside and discovered an interesting texture that varied between ribbed and small bumps.

Petunia Front

Give us a kiss?

First Play Through
I wanted my first experience with Petunia to be special so I enlisted Lilly’s help, and tried to make it into a scene. We decided that I would be naked, blindfolded, and on the bed. I would have no idea what Lilly was planning, short of it involving a hungry tentacle maw that wanted my seed. Now Lilly is what we like to call an experienced tentacle connoisseur, so she knew exactly how she wanted to direct Petunia. She had warmed Petunia up in hot water and grabbed a warmed bottle of Bad Dragons cum-lube. After getting the maw nice and lubbed up, she had it gently probe at different parts of my body, the petals folding out easily. The warm petals sliding out from the point of contact felt wonderful, especially when she had it embrace my balls. Then Petunia meant business, it attached itself to one of my nipples and started sucking! Lilly was able to use her mouth on the back end of the toy to provide the suction. Petunia then found it’s way to my hard penis and slowly took me in. The textures felt incredible, but what really struck me was the sensation of the warm petals engulfing my balls. It left me with a warm sensation of being embraced that no other toy has given me before. Lilly discovered that Petunia was soft enough to squish down my cock, and expose enough for her to be able to suck, and that she was able to rotate Petunia around my cock.

Petunia with glass toy

Adding a glass dildo makes a swell vaginal toy.

A Female Perspective
Here’s what Lilly had to say “Though the Petunia might not immediately appear to have much to offer us female bodied folk, I really wanted to give this one a try. When the toy is warm and lubed up, it feels great to grind the petals against my labia. I also tried to hold the petals together and use the toy as an insert-able, but it was too soft. However, Max came up with a great idea. He put one of my glass toys inside petunia so it could penetrate me with the dildo while the petals surrounded my vulva. It worked very well, and brought me to peak very quickly! That makes the Petunia a fun toy for any physical gender, though it has quite a bit more to offer those with a penis.”

Inside Petunia

Open wide.

The Take Away
Even if tentacles can be a turn off for you, I’d like to encourage you to try the Petunia. The appearance can add to the fun if that’s your thing, but the toy has certain physical attributes that are well adapted for giving a unique experience. I will say that the Petunia is not particularly well suited as a stationary toy used to thrust into. In this scenario the petals seem to get in the way more than they can help. On a bit of a side note, I’d like to see more penetrable toys sporting features on the front similar to the petals. For better or worse it seems most penetrable toys only focus on replicating real or fantasy body parts (mouth’s, vulva’s and anus’s). There are designs that could be more physically stimulating to the male bodied form than what nature can provide. After-all we see plenty of unique and “purpose-built” designs for dildos and vibrators. As far as Petunia, we were very impressed with the design and quality. We look forward to trying more unique toys from Primal Hardwere… at-least, that’s what the tentacle monster under our bed told us to say.

Petunia dripping with slime

Petunia is hungry.

We received Petunia from Primal Hardwere free of charge in exchange for our honest review. Petunia can be purchased from Primal Hardwere here.

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