Primal Hardwere Krubera Ovipositor: For Science!

I drew in an anticipatory breath and cautiously let it escape my lungs. I thought to myself “This is your moment Max, you have been training for this” My thoughts then shifted to my thousands hundreds tens of readers. This was for them and I was going to see this through for each and every one of you. As I lay back preparing for the new sensation, I thought abou…

“For Science!” Exclaimed Lilly, with an grin that emitted pure insanity as she squeezed the bulge along the shaft of the Krubera. The gelatin egg slid into my anus in a rather unnatural yet exhilarating way.

“Ungghhuh!?” I say.

This is the story of the unusual sex toy that has taken the internet by storm. The ovipositor sex toy by Primal Hardwere.

The Queen Takes ControlSexual interest is a funny thing. Sometimes the wires cross and an emotion like fear or disgust turns into sexual excitement. One thing Lilly and I have learned about the alternative world of sexuality is that yesterdays “Oh Hell No!” very easily becomes tomorrows “Oh Hell Yes!”. This is where Primal Hardwere makes it’s home in the sex toy market with toys like their penetrable “Tentacle Maw” and their now infamous ovipositors.

What The?

The Krubera is the second ovipositer design from Primal Hardwere, the original being the . (The Splorch features a much more alien appearance in my opinion while the Krubera resembles more of an insectoid). An ovipositor is essentially female reproductive organs in nature that have been re-purposed to deposit eggs into a host. The 11″ long shaft of the Krubera has been designed for delivering gelatin eggs into your dark warm-hole of choice. The Krubera has quickly become the centerpiece of our sex toy collection. Not only is it well crafted but it is also highly intriguing and always a fun conversation starter. Lilly and I both love to boast that it is the strangest toy we own. This gives the unusual ovipositor toys a certain allure

Battle of The Bulge

Bulge in Krubera from gelatin egg

Is that an egg in your shaft or are you just happy to see me?

I’ts time I come clean with you. I’m not quite sure how to tell you this so I’ll just lay it out on the table. I’m a ‘back-end-pansy’. That is to say that I struggle inserting all but the smallest of toys into my rear. I have tried all sorts of lube, training, and patience, but nothing seems to change the fact I just prefer a smaller-to-comfortable sized toy inside of me. Now Krubera on its own has about the right amount of comfortable girth for me. I can get it in (with some buildup) and that’s fantastic. Once the egg is introduced into the equation, however things take a turn. The bulge with the egg nearly doubles Krubera’s girth! After many serious attempts over the course of a few weeks, I was unable to get over the hump.

A Close Shave

I did eventually end up taking the egg, but not without a little bit of cheating. For those of you having difficulty with the default egg size, I recommend the following procedure:

  1. Make gelatin eggs as normal.
  2. Spend over an hour looking for fruit peeler in the kitchen.
  3. Scold your spouse for packing the fruit peeler in the with the living-room box for your cross country move.
  4. Apologize to spouse and ultimately blame cat for packing fruit peeler (It’s safer that way).
  5. Shave the gelatin egg down, rotating before each slice to evenly decrease the girth of the egg.
    (Steps 2-4 optional)

Shaving Gelatin Egg down with peeler

For Science!

Despite the smaller egg size, there was a sudden and intense sensation as the bulge slipped past my sphincter. In pervious tries with the full sized egg I was able to get perhaps the first quarter of the egg pressing into me. Even without the egg entering fully, this sensation would often be enough to send me over the edge. This time I was prepared and was able to allow the egg to enter me fully. Since the egg was smaller I didn’t actually feel it too much inside of me as Lilly finished me off. The work-up, excitement and novelty made it a very intense and enjoyable release.

Slippery When Egged

It’s hard to overstate the importance of using a quality slippery lube in large quantities during anal play, but especially when playing with a Primal Hardwere ovipositor. The main difference here of course is that lubricating the inside of the toy becomes essential. We had started out with the ovipositor using a standard water based lubricant, but found it difficult (Especially during the final “push”) to move the egg through the toy. Ultimately we had a lot more luck when we switched to an extra slick water based lube. ‘Skip the thick and go right for slick!’

A Scrambling of Posabilities

Gelatin egg and back of KruberaLilly and I love finding new and creative ways to use and experience sex toys. The Krubera ovipositor offers some unique play potential. Here are a few things we discovered:

  • Eggs and Sausage
    I was curious if Krubera could be used as a penetrable toy. Though the silicone is not as soft as most penetrable toys, I found that I was able to insert my ‘sausage’ into either end and use it as a crude masturbator. Its not the best silicone partner I’ve had in this way, but its a nice bonus feature
  • Ice Queen
    After Lilly subjected me to the sudden “For Science!” debacle, I decided it was time for payback.  I filled the egg molds with water and stuck them in the freezer. The lubed ice eggs slid very easily through Krubera, causing Lilly to produce an adorable squeak as her warm internals met with the spawn of the ice queen.
  • Warm and Fuzzy
    The Krubera ovipositor can be used as a funnel of sorts. Using it to inseminate your loved one with some lukewarm tap water can be a wet and warm experience.

Lilly’s Perspective

When I first saw the Krubera ovipositor I wasn’t sure if I was disturbed, curious or just plain turned on. “So finally a fantasy of being impregnated by an alien could be realized?”

I must admit that I was pretty curious about what a gelatin ‘alien’ egg might feel like inside of me. Even so, I was a little nervous. When I was ready to give it a try, I had Max help me out. The ovipositor went in relatively easy once I got myself turned on. The egg took a little more work, we learned the importance of lube when the first egg broke up on the first attempt from Max squeezing it so hard. The feeling of being impregnated with the egg was interesting but sexy. I enjoyed the pressure of the egg against my inner walls especially while Max stimulated me externally.

Krubera laying over Xbox controller with one ant

The Ants Oviposit 1 by 1 Hurrah, Hurrah!

Attack of the Goo:

As soon as I sat up after play, I realized that i was leaking gelatin goo. The egg had melted and was beginning to ooze onto the bed! As quickly as a could I held my kegel muscles and made a mad dash for the shower where the rest of what remained of the egg came out in a sticky pile.

I probably could have done without the gooey mess, but other than that it was a lot of fun. Since creating the eggs is a small process, this wont be a go-to toy for us, but there are alternatives to the gelatin. Frisky Beast has silicone eggs that could work nicely, especially the ones with the extra long retrieval cord!

Tis The Season

If you are even slightly curious about this kind of play, Lilly and I highly recommend picking up the Krubera. At the time of this writing it’s almost time for Halloween and Primal Hardwere is offering 15% off select toys (including both ovipositors) with glowing Supernatural Green coloring. So why not give in to a little mad science this Halloween season? The queen is waiting to make your acquaintance!

The Krubera ovipositor can be purchased from Primal Hardwere here.

We have also talked about the ovipositor in detail in an episode of our podcast The Trysexuals! Listen here.

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