Lelo Lyla 2: Total Loss Of Control

You unlock this door with the key of non-monogamy. Beyond it is another dimension—a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind. You’re moving into a land of both sex and play, of orgies and gang-bangs. You’ve just crossed over into the Swinger Zone.

The Many Benefits of Swinging
Lilly and I have been part of the swinging lifestyle going on 4 years now. The path that led us to swinging and our journey through the lifestyle is a subject that we will leave for future posts. For those not familiar, swingers will host hotel takeovers where an entire hotel will be rented out by swingers. Many of these takeovers are essentially a convention, complete with guest speakers, activities and contests. Last October Lilly and I attended one such hotel takeover in Lake Harmony Pennsylvania hosted byExotic Fantasies. This hotel takeover offered amazing swag-bags with all sorts of adult goodies. Most impressively each swag bag contained a brand new Lelo toy. Either a Lyla 2, a Tara, or Hula Beads. We were thrilled when we ended up with the Lyla 2, since out of the options, the stealthy remote control bullet combo seemed like the most fun. We always wanted a toy that could be used to send Lilly into ecstasy with secret vibrations at my command.

The Odd Couple

The Odd Couple

One Controller To Rule Them All
Once most of the swingers were through registration, and after the approximate recommended charge time of the Lelo toys, a pattern began to emerge for the weekend. This was in-fact a unique and interesting situation that I will now illustrate to you by stating the following facts:
1. Approximately 1/3 of the couples at this weekend were in possession of the Lyla 2.
2. Out of these couples, At any given time most of the female-bodied members would have the bullet on and inserted.
3. Any remote could control any number of inserted bullets (within range).

This swinger weekend offered many panels and classes. Invariably in each class, some fellow would stealthily reach for a hidden remote to give his wife a little secret vibration. However this would cause most of the female bodied members in the class to involuntarily hunch forward and grab the nearest chair or person. Of-course once people knew about this “vulnerability” all bets were off! Anyone unfortunate enough to have a bullet inserted, found their vulva under constant vibrational assault from various individuals. Luckily for Lilly, we had lost our charging cable so she was safe from the vaginal hackers.

That's Lyla in the Spot Light!

That’s Lyla in the Spot Light!

Losing Control
Once we returned home I found a replacement charger on Amazon (which cost a fairly hefty $30) and we were ready to roll. Since this toy is primarily designed for those with a “innie” for sexual hardware, I’ll let Lilly tell you all about it:

I have always been a fan of bullet type toys. The first sex toy I ever used was my faithful California exotics purple bullet, so I developed a sort of nostalgia for those types of toys. I found the Lyla 2 bullet has a pleasant shape for vaginal insertion, the bulge along the underside allows the toy to remain positioned against my g-spot without me really having to try to hold it in. The variation of vibrations would be nice, only I seem to have a heck of a time getting the bullet to actually respond to the remote. More often then not they somehow lose connection and I find myself having to remove the bullet to switch it off. Then I can turn it on again and use the bullet without the remote. Of-course once in this mode, the only way to switch vibration is to try to find and push the small button that’s on the end of the bullet. This button is difficult to press (especially in a masturbation scenario) and usually kills the mood before I can figure it out. So now I just set a vibration and stick with it until I’m done. This isn’t ideal as it leads to an unfortunate Goldilocks scenario, where the vibration is too strong for getting started, but too light for finishing the job.

Lyla 2 Xbox controller comparison

The Lyla could take some lessons from the Xbox controller.

Lyla 2 A Let Down
We wanted to love the Lyla 2, we really did. Ultimately Lilly and I were very glad we received the Lyla 2 as a free gift as we would have been disappointed if we had spent so much money on it. We both got a kick out of the “SenseMotion” control, which allows you to tilt or shake the remote in order to control the intensity of vibration. However after a while the novelty fades and you realize a simple slide control on the remote would be far more practical. We frequently ran into connection issues, and the one time we tried to use the Lyla 2 in stealth mode, we hadn’t even arrived at the party and the bullet was stuck on high vibration and had to be removed. You’d think that the bullet would have a fail-safe and go to no vibration when losing connection with the remote. We also notice that on the lower speeds the vibration frequency sometimes “jolts”, causing the bullet to jump to the highest vibration for a split second before returning to low vibration. All in all we expected more from the Lyla 2, we can’t really recommend it at it’s current price of almost $140. Though if you are able to snag one free from a swinger convention, it’s a pretty good deal.

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