Bumble Bee holds a Frisky Beast Input Valve

More Than Meets The Eye: The Input Valve From Frisky Beast

When I was young I coveted a Transformer toy more than just about anything. As luck would have it my family wasn’t very affluent. I had grown up having to make such concessions as Mega Blocks instead of Lego, Turbo Wheels instead of Hot Wheels, and of course Go-Bots instead of Transformers. Once, while spending the night at my uncle’s house, I […]

Why “Wolfie-Style” Is Our Favorite Position: The Fetish Zone Cadejo

Werewolf painting in cover photo by Lexi Trust me, if you really want to turn her on? You gotta try werewolf sex! –The Upright Citizens Brigade What is with all the love for the undead? It seems everywhere I turn there’s another vampire romance or zombie sex toy. Zombies… really? I mean what could possibly be less attractive […]