Bumble Bee holds a Frisky Beast Input Valve

More Than Meets The Eye: The Input Valve From Frisky Beast

When I was young I coveted a Transformer toy more than just about anything. As luck would have it my family wasn’t very affluent. I had grown up having to make such concessions as Mega Blocks instead of Lego, Turbo Wheels instead of Hot Wheels, and of course Go-Bots instead of Transformers. Once, while spending the night at my uncle’s house, I got to sleep in the room of my cousin who had left for college. It was there I came across my first real Transformers toy. An awesome yellow transforming sports car known as Sunstreaker. When it was time to leave my uncle, I apparently would not let go of Sunstreaker, so my he let me keep it. I took that Transformer with me to bed every night for about a year. Now, thanks to the Input Valve, things have come full circle.

Unleash the Frisky Beast

Crawling out of the primordial soup of Ohio in the summer of 2013, Frisky Beast creates magnificently detailed silicone fantasy sex toys. Though Frisky Beast focuses on a prehistoric theme for their toys, they have explored the full gamut. They have offerings ranging from the usual canid and equine inspired toys, to incredible and originative fantasy designs such as the mighty Gigabeast. Frisky Beast is a still a small and growing company so orders can take a little extra time, but with such reasonable prices and detailed work they are worth the wait.

Green Input Valve

Talk about a ‘Green Machine’

Can I Get Some Input?

Among Frisky Beast’s large selection of prehistoric dino-based beauties you will find a smattering of mechanical/transformer themed toys. As I’m quite the connoisseur of putting my dick inside of things, I found myself immediately drawn to the Input Valve which happens to be their first penetrable offering. I placed an order for a full-sized green ‘guided-mystery’ as soon as I could.

First Impression

When I first laid eyes on my new Input Valve the first thing that struck me was the incredible marbled coloring. This was my first time opting for a ‘guided-mystery’ so I wasn’t sure what to expect. The only instruction I had given was “something that involves green” so I was very pleasantly surprised. The next thing that I noticed is that the overall size of the toy was smaller than expected. It was just as long as most of my sleeves just not as girth-y. The Input Valve seems light and sleek by comparison.

Input Valve Posing

Much Tech! So Detail! Wow!

Machined Precision

I was impressed with the level of detail in the design. The ‘mechanical’ flat sections with sharp angles juxtaposed nicely to the softer bio-mechanical ‘interface port’ and wires appear to run the gaps between the metallic plates. The Input Valve looks like something a transformer would be packing below the belt. Of Course we’ll never know for sure without sending someone to go lift Optimus Primes skirt. The attention to detail doesn’t stop at the facade of the toy either, the cyberpunk motif adorns the entire surface of the toys shaft.

Input Valve Side Detail

Robot and it’s ‘controller’

Input In Use

For my first session I decided I wanted some warmth. I tossed the Input Valve into a pot of water on the stove, turned the burner on high and waited 10 minutes. (This is one of the easiest ways to warm up a silicone toy but sure that the toy is cool enough inside AND out before inserting your sensitive ‘probe’). Once the Input Valve was cooked all the way through, I removed it from the pot and allowed it to cool to a safe temp. Once ready and lubricated I slid myself into the opening. Input Valve was tight but forgiving, as the soft silicone gave easily. The Input Valve seems particularly adept at hugging against my flesh and creating an airtight seal. This allowed me to penetrate fully and pinch the end of the toy, creating a pleasant suction.

Input Valve Internals

You know you wan’t to stick something inside of it.

After the initial entrance Input Valve has a twisting shaft of bumps that massage as well as distribute lubrication. As a person who is prone to being over stimulated, I found the Input Valve just intense enough to be exhilarating, but gentle enough that I can orgasm without the sensation being overwhelming. With sleeves I often have to pull out when reaching orgasm, with the Input Valve I was able to enjoy release without over-stimulation.

Here’s a few reason why the Input Valve from Frisky Beast is so bad-ass:

  1. Input Valve barely resembles a vulva for those wishing for a ‘Sex Toy in Disguise’ 1
  2. With much less mass than the average silicone sleeve, it takes longer to tire out your arm.
  3. You will be prepared for the robo-sexual revolution when the machines finally take over. Only the most skilled robot-lovers will be selected for breeding.

Input Valve Conclusion

Overall the Input Valve is an incredible sleeve.  Considering this is Frisky Beast’s first offering of the penetrable type, they hit a home-run. Frisky Beast seems to be charting new territory in the fantasy penetrable realm, and I look forward to what they will come up with next. At the time of this writing they have also released a feathered ‘Snow Bird‘ which features a cloaca (Avian and Lizard lovers rejoice!). The Input Valve answers that age-old question, ‘Will I ever be able to boink a robot?’. The answer is yes and you will be relieved to learn that getting it on with a machine isn’t all cold gears and sharp edges. I, for one welcome our new robo-sexual overlords.

Light Saber

“I’m starting to think this isn’t a light saber…”

The Input Valve can be purchased from Frisky Beast here.


  1. Input Valve looks so innocuous that when we asked ‘Bumblebee’ to pose with it for our main photo, he assumed it was a silicone light saber. We didn’t have the heart to correct him.
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