Why “Wolfie-Style” Is Our Favorite Position: The Fetish Zone Cadejo

Werewolf painting in cover photo by Lexi

Trust me, if you really want to turn her on? You gotta try werewolf sex!

The Upright Citizens Brigade

What is with all the love for the undead? It seems everywhere I turn there’s another vampire romance or zombie sex toy. Zombies… really? I mean what could possibly be less attractive than stinky rotting flesh that peels off with every touch? Vampires at least have classically had a sexual aspect to them, but still you are talking about pale cold skin and putting their sexual partners under some sort of hypnosis (Total consent violation). Don’t even get me started on that sparkling nonsense. I think it’s time that the Werewolf claims it’s rightful spot as the “Sexiest Horror Movie Monster”.

Benefits of Sex with a Werewolf:

Cadejo next to Xbox controller

Cadejo isn’t playing games

  • Werewolves are alive
  • Their own blood pumps through their veins
  • Hungry like the wolf
  • Sensual claw play
  • Soft fur and internal heating is ideal for post coitus cuddling
  • Part human, part mans best friend
  • Long and skilled tongues
  • and let’s not forget ‘the knot


Enter Fetish Zone’s Cadejo wearable K9 Sheath. The Fetish Zone Cadejo is a hollow silicone sheath that you can wear over your penis to change it’s size, shape, and appearance. This sheath comes in 2 sizes, Large (designed for wearers up to 7″ in length and 3.61″ in circumference) and X-Large (designed for wearers up to 8.5″ in length and 4.39″ in circumference) and comes in red, black, pink or white. Now I realize that the Cadejo is technically not a werewolf. According to wiki, a Cadejo is a mythical creature that apparently looks like something between a deer and a dog. However since the myth also states that the mythical Cadejo “..has a distinctive smell of concentrated urine and burning sulfur.” I think I’ll stick with the werewolf interpretation in my play sessions.

Cerberous Head to Head with Cadejo

Tonight on CNN: The K9’s Vs. the Wolves!

Not All Knots Are Created Equal

The Feitsh Zone Cadejo is similar to another sheath I own, the “Cerberus”. Before I received my Cadejo I made the mistake of assuming that it would be simply version 2 of the Cerberus (Which Lilly and I loved). However after handling the Cadejo during a few play sessions, it became clear that there was more revolution than evolution when comparing the Cerberus against the Cadejo. Lilly and I love our Cerberus and got lots of use out of it, but owning a Cadejo has made it obsolete.

My least favorite part of the Cerberus sheath was the aesthetics of the knot. It has this distinct edge that took away from the organic look of the shaft. Close to the tip of the Cerberus sheath the silicone gets particularly thin. Though this allowed for more sensation to pass through to the wearer, it also allowed the tip of the toy to get pulled off the penis, resulting in FTS (Floppy Tip Syndrome). The Fetish Zone Cadejo addresses these issues with slightly thicker silicone along the shaft to help hold the shape. The look of the toy is much improved with a rounder knot. By far the largest improvement over the Cerberus sheath was to the strap that holds the sheath on. The Fetish Zone Cadejo has replaced the single strap of silicone around the balls with a more ergonomic ballstrap that locks the toy more firmly in place. Besides holding your new dick on, the tighter pressure is pleasant around the shaft and balls.

Werewolf Play: Max’s Transformation

One night, when the full moon was hanging low in the sky, I could feel it was time for my transformation. the hair on the back of my neck was prickling with excitement as Lilly prepared for what she thought would be a relaxing evening. I made my preparations, unscrewing all the light bulbs, lighting a candle, and using a tiny bit of lube to help slide Cadejo on. I finished placing the last of my metal claws on my fingertips as I heard Lilly approach the bedroom door. She barely had time to notice the room was dark before I forcefully (but carefully) pounced her to the bed, letting the tips of my claws lightly dig into her sides and pressing Cadejo against her. Her surprise gave way to sexual excitement.

Taking Lilly “Wolfie-Style” was incredible fun with Fetish Zone Cadejo. It was difficult, at first, to get into the right “wolf” head space. However, once I let my primal urges take over I found my self growling, biting her neck, and even howling. Having a “Transformed” penis brought me a whole new kind of pleasure and with the improvements over  Cerberus I didn’t have to worry about the toy pinching my balls or slipping off.

Interview with a Werewolf: Lilly’s perspective

Cadejo covered in metal claw tips

Clawtips not included

I open the door to the bedroom to reveal a candlelit room.


Oh great he’s trying to scare me again! That’s when I was tossed to the bed, feeling claw tips dug into my sides,  hard breathing in my ear and the Cadejo knot pressed into me. I gave myself to the feral beast.

The Fetish Zone Cadejo really sold the werewolf play session, especially when Max penetrated me. I was in total primal bliss! With some workup, and some external lubrication, I was able to take the knot in my vagina. This of course sent me over the edge. Watching Max’s cum drip out of the tip of Cadejo was really hot.

Hunting in a Pack: My Friend’s Perspective

I asked my 2 good P.O.E (Penis Owning Entity) friends what they thought of the Fetish Zone Cadejo:

Fel: I really enjoy using the Fetish Zone Cadejo as a solo masturbator. It was really hot to feel the knot in my hand while stroking myself and the ribbed texture on the inside feels nice. When I cum with the Cadejo it was satisfying to see it come out of the tip. When used for penetrative sex, I noticed that the knot shortens the usable length unless your partner is able to take the sizable knot.

Nik: Cadejo is a great masturbator toy if you are into medium to heavy pressure on your shaft. For me it was defiantly a tight fit, especially with the knot adding a bit of extra heft. Don’t know how much I’d recommend it as a penetrating toy unless someone is really into taking the knot since it restricts the wearer from bottoming out. All in all, I’m so satisfied with it as a masturbator that I don’t regret the purchase at all.

Cadejo with a vibe

Cadejo takes a vibe in the ‘back door’

The Take Away

Fetish Zone Cadejo is a very well designed sheath that combines fantasy with function to make a great toy. It’s true, as with any sheath the wearer losses a fair but of sensation from sex but the fantasy element is a fair trade off for that. Let’s not forget that there are other ways to use the Fetish Zone Cadejo. As my friends pointed out Cadejo makes an excellent solo toy, either as a masturbator or even by placing a dildo inside of the toy to use as a penetrating toy. So let loose your inner beast, let a howl out at the moon, and give “Wolfie-Style” a chance!

We received the Fetish Zone Cadejo sheath free of charge from Fetish Zone in exchange for our honest review. The Cadejo sheath can be purchased from Fetish Zone here.

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