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The Kama Sutra With Training Wheels: The Liberator

Stairs Incident of ’08
My partner Lilly is unbelievably adorable. If you met us in real life, undoubtedly the first thing you would notice is our difference in height. Lilly and I are separated vertically by almost a foot and a half. This does have the added benefit, as previously mentioned, of making my Lilly extra adorable. It also means that kissing can be a real pain in the neck, and certain sex positions,

Max and Lilly, Artistic Depiction.

Max and Lilly, Artistic Depiction.

well.. lets just say that a good portion of the Kama Sutra is difficult. Even simple positions, such as doggy style, would mean Lilly pushing her back-end up, has high as she an with her legs together, and me having to basically perform a split in order to get our genitals to line up. Fun and sexy? Yes. Comfortable enough position to stay in until we both came? Not really. We learned to master the stairs method, Lilly standing up on one step, me a step or two below. This all kinda-worked, that is until the nearly fatal stairs incident of ’08. It was clear we needed a solution. Enter, the Liberator.

Good Sex is Built on a Strong Foundation
Now if you have ever watched the movie “Meet the Fockers”, then you have already seen a Liberator in use. They are featured briefly in Mrs. Fockers senior sex class, which is definitely an image I recommend trying to keep out of your head while using the sex pillows. (You know, unless, that’s your thing, then by all means). Liberator is not simply for those that might break a hip, they make every day positions more comfortable, and make more complex positions possible. We decided to go for the classic ramp and wedge combo, which offers a surprising amount of versatility. Our most common arrangement features the ramp laying on it’s longest side (The hypotenuse) and the wedge near the lower edge of the ramp, creating a small flat platform. This allows Lilly to lay back on the incline, yet position her bottom on the wedge, giving easy access at an adjustable height. With this arrangement missionary position changes from fail, to fantastic! This also works extremely well for cunnilingus, offering full access without the neck pain. The Liberator also works well for doggy style. Have the receiving partner lay over the cushions and it gives them a comfortable platform from which to reap pleasure.

Liberators Ramp and Wedge Touching

Modern art entitled “Sexual Tension”

“We Do The Weird Stuff”
If there has ever been a better pegging platform, I don’t know what it is. With the male bodied person laying on the ramp, it’s easy to move the wedge up, or down until their backed is at the perfect penetration height. The wedge on it’s own is perfect for getting your tail end up in the air which makes a wonderful position for solo anal play. Since Lilly and I occasionally play with multiple partners, it would be remiss for us not to share how wonderful the Liberator is in a three-some. Since you can position the wedge anywhere along the ramp, you can adjust the height of a persons head and naughty bits, lining them up toplease both partners with ease. The Liberator has not found its way into our kinky play yet, though they do offer a black cushion set with restraints called the “Black Label“. I have serious doubts that the black label would add anything to experience. The cuffs look flimsy and the restrained partner could easily lift the wedge and escape. Clearly the black label is not marketed at experienced kinksters, but I can’t imagine it being that exciting even for the most vanilla of partners


Liberator bares all.

To The Touch
The fabric on the Liberator felt different than we expected, it’s soft, but not quite as fuzzy as it looks in pictures. To the touch it feels more like a rough velvet. The strength of the micro-fiber allows the pillows to almost ‘stick’ together, preventing the pillows from sliding or shifting against each-other while in use. This works so well that you can actually place the large ramp on it’s end, and place the wedge on the incline and they will stick together. The micro-fiber covers are removable and machine washable, just a simple zip reveals the splash proof barrier beneath. This barrier can also be removed to uncover the foam core. Despite the fabric being easily washable, we usually cover the liberator with a towel or blanket so that we can keep the liberator looking clean. Our personal favorite is to lay a heated blanket on the Liberator, then cover it with our handy “Sex Blanket”. You have not lived until you have had sex on a contoured, heated pedestal.

Stacked Liberator pillows

Yeah Ma, those are just yoga pillows.

A Sense of Occasion
I’d say we utilize the Liberator in approximately 30% of our love making sessions since we have gotten it. Which makes the Liberator our most often used “sex toy”. We reach for our Liberator pillows when we want to make our love session special. It’s like getting dressed up for dinner, sure you could wear whatever, but dressing up adds so much to the experience. When the Liberator is out, it means “Sex is going to happen, and it’s going to be special”. It’s fantastic fun to sit there with your partner and try to find new combinations and arrangements to try together. We also tend to use the liberator as a “sexual bookmark”. We are busy and often struggle to make time for the sex we need. On particularly busy days we will get the liberator out, and place it on the bed to make sure we find time for one another before we go to sleep.

Sex Furniture as An Investment
These suckers are not cheap, it’s hard to imagine spending so much on “pillows”. I mean you can more or less replicate the experience by tucking a few ordinary pillows beneath your butt and back until you reach the right position. It may not be quite as comfortable for your body, but its far more comfortable for your wallet. No matter how you slice it, it’s a large investment for a bulky item you will have to hide if you have kids or when Aunt Nosy comes and visits. Of-course you could always try to explain them off as ‘Yoga pillows’ (Just don’t let them look too closely at the zippers which are labeled “Bedroom Adventure Gear”). Given the cost of entry, I was disappointed that the Liberator did not come with a position example sheet. I think that including a picture guide of some of the possibilities would do a lot to improve the fun, especially with couples new to sex furniture. That being said Lilly and I feel we have more than gotten our moneys worth, especially if you consider saved trips to the emergency room.

Stairs Incident of '08

Oh Joy Sex Toy ain’t got anything on our art.

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