Pup’n Out and About: Stockroom Pup Hood and Mitts


Why Must I be like that, why must I chase the cat?
Nothing but the pup in me!
Bow wow wow yippie yo yippie yay, bow wow wow yippie yay!

Max: I’d like to officially apologize to everyone for that intro sequence and especially George Clinton. I’m sorry for that it won’t happen again. I’m Max ChameleonStockroom Pup Hood and Mitts

Lilly: I’m Lilly Chameleon

Max: And today we’re going to be talking about the pup play hood and gloves from Stockroom. These things are really great, really pretty. You’re gonna have to definitely look at the pictures on these just to get a feel for what they look like. They’re natural black leather and they’re used for pup play.

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of pup play we actually did as a Trysexuals two-part special on Pup and Ponyplay. We talked a little bit about it. So in that special we talked about how I like to sometimes participate in pup play and oftentimes it helps to have gear that matches what you’re doing. In this case Stockroom has a pup hood, or almost not really hood because it’s kind of more of a mask. It doesn’t cover your head so much, we’ll talk a little bit about that later.And they have these great pup mitts which have cute little paw pads on them and actually help protect your fist. So lets start with the pup hood.

The pup hood comes in two different sizes. It has this great muzzle and ears on it so it goes over you know, your nose and your mouth for the muzzle. Inside of there actually is a removable ball gag and

Stockroom Pup Hood and MittsLilly: Max, you can’t do the rest of the review with a ball gag in your mouth.

Max: Why Not?

Lilly: You’re going to drool all over your laptop.

Max: anyway it has a two different ball gags you can put in they’re different sizes ones a little bit smaller ones little bit larger. It’s actually you know hidden within the muzzle so you don’t really see it. It’s really great to have the option of having a ball gag in there because when you’re doing pup play one of the things that can help you get in the head-space is the ability or…

Lilly: The ability to drool?

Stockroom Pup Hood and MittsMax: The ability to drool! Losing the ability to talk and of course drooling and stuff kind of like helps with that whole thing. The pup hood has lots of nice adjustments on it the ears are cute. Apparently the ears are also removable so if you don’t like them you can take them off and that it matches the the mitts very well. The pup gloves are a matching black leather, they have beautiful rivets on them that also match the hood and they have nice padding in the fist so that when you’re pupping around on all fours you have nice protection for your hands and you won’t be sore from from jumping around. They have these just adorable representations of paws on them so like you know the circles and the the three-fingers for paw pads and that’s just like one of the most adorable things. What’s nice about the paws that the head doesn’t have is that it actually has an eyelet on it so when you strap it up with these adjustable straps you can actually put a lock on the paws so that if you’re into that kind of play then you can have your pup kind of like locked-in. The hood does not actually offer that, you see that Lilly?

Lilly: Oh yeah you’re right, I was wondering.

Max: Yeah I think that’d be a nice thing if they could get some of those locking eyelets on the strap portion of the pup hood, that way you can lock somebody in for that kind of play. The pup hood does feature a nice metal ring on the back, so in case you’re pup’s not wearing a collar you can actually connect the leash right to that and then be on the back of their head its kind of neat. So i actually got a chance to try these out at the local BDSM convention we have here, Thunder in the Mountains. I actually went full leather pup you know I had this awesome like motorcycle racing…

Stockroom Pup Hood and MittsLilly: It’s a fullbody suit

Max: It’s a full bodysuit, leather full bodysuit and I had the pup hood and the gloves on. And just with those two extra features like it was really sexy really cool, it’s really hot.
Lilly: OMG he sweated so bad!

Max: But it’s nice because the pup mask isn’t so much a ‘hood’ so it doesn’t… it’s breathable. Most of your actual head shape is actually there, which is one of the things that I really like about it because you can actually identify who the person is. Now some people might not like that, might prefer having more of a hidden experience. But in this case it’s very breathable and you don’t feel like you’re being restricted or confined inside of this hood. I also got a chance to use this with you Lilly if you remember we did a nice pup play scene here in the apartment. Really a lot of fun we spent a long time in it, you know she put on my hood, put on my collar, put on the paw pads and and we ended up actually having sex with it and at that point I was like totally lost in pop headspace. And that’s when the ball gag I was wearing actually made me drool uncontrollably. Which you know kind of added to the fun of the whole pup thing. So Lilly why don’t you tell me a little bit about what you think

Stockroom Pup Hood and MittsLilly: Well I have to say I really adore this a lot. I love the hood and I love the paws. The paws are really good because I can even wear them! For those of you that don’t know I have a very very tiny stature. The way that the gloves actually work, it actually can cinch enough around my wrist that i can use it and so can Max. Which is really nice.

Max: And we vary in size quite a bit so you know these are pretty versatile they can be used on many different sizes.

Lilly: That’s a perfect word, versatile. The pup hood is amazing, once you put it on and put it on your partner or put on yourself, it’s just… it just transforms you or transforms that person into that head space, I believe, only because it’s so adorable. It’s not “realistic” realistic like some pup hoods are, but it gives it that air of being in a pup state of mind.

Max: See what I really liked about this one over the other ones, is some of the other ones have kind of like a “blocky” non-fluid appearance. Since this uses… it’s so open it’s mostly just straps, a muzzle, and ears. It takes the head shape on, really well and it’s pretty convincing as far as that’s concerned

So, yeah! I definitely would recommend this one. Why don’t you throw it a bone and check it out on Stockroom!

The Pup Hood and Mitts were provided free of charge by The Stockroom in exchange for our honest review

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