Mounting Our Horned Beast: The Unicorn Horn by Split Peaches

Max and Lilly Chameleon tackle the Mythical Unicorn in this review of the unique sex toy by Split Peaches.

Split Peaches Unicorn Horn:

Unicorn Horns


Have you ever wanted to know what it feels like to have your bottom penetrated by the pointed bony projection of a mythical animal?

Split Peaches Unicorn Horn

Of course you do!

Max: This is Max Chameleon.

Lilly: and this is Lilly Chameleon.

Max: Welcome to the first audio review for Carnal Chameleon!

Lilly: Woo Hoo!

Max: So we’re going to try this it’s a little bit different. I’m getting sick and tired of writing and that’s cool. We’ll still be doing some written things on the website, you know for the special subjects, that sort of thing but I figured we try this with reviews as it’s a lot more fun. There will of course be transcripts available on the website so that you know if you like reading stuff, that will be there. This just helps us stay a little bit more motivated.

So up first we have the unicorn horn by Split Peaches. As you know, we here at Carnal Chameleon have a thing for fantasy toys and of course this toy being a unicorn horn, it’s a fantasy, fantasy toy. It was also a gift from our good friend and Trysexuals co-host Kitt Curious so thank you Kitt!

Lilly: Thank you Kitt!
Max: So what’s in a unicorn horn? Well you should be asking what unicorn horn is going in you. The unicorn horn by Split Peaches is made out of platinum silicon. The version that we have is a 6 inch version but they also come in 8 inch in 11 inch versions. But oh my goodness! That is really big! 11 inches is just crazy!Split Peaches Unicorn Horn

Lilly: Um yeah I don’t think I could fit that!

Max: I think I prefer the small pony sized unicorns over the full-size unicorns. This toy has a great shape. As you’d expect from a unicorn horn it features basically two rounded bands that twist along the outside and taper a bit. The “point” is actually fairly rounded and not at all pucker inducing. The unicorn horn also features a nice flared base so you wont end up losing this mythical creature in your Underwood

I really like this toy. The shape is subtle and very gentle for my pansy pooper!

Lilly: Which we all know Max has!

Max: yes yes we always gotta talk about the pansey pooper! The ribs are smooth and help ripple as it slides in. Of course they also twist in a screw formation so the unicorn horn can be twisted one way for easier insertion and the other for a fun sensation. My favorite part? Being pegged by my sweet Lilly unicorn. Nothing is more exciting than seeing her coming at me with the horn attached to the harness. I bow to my unicorn goddess!

Lilly Why don’t you tell us a little bit about what you think?Split Peaches Unicorn Horn

Lilly: Well, Max it’s a great little toy toy for both back-end and front-end play. However for me i found it most enjoyable in back in play. That is to say it’s still enjoyable in the front, I just preferred in the back. The ripples make for an amazing experience. The blunt tip made for easy entry into both back and front play. The color of the toy is really awesome, I loved the metallic look to it and there’s tiny little sparkles. I kinda wish there was a little bit more Sparkle, but a little subtlety is always good.

Max: A bit more unicorn magic?

Lilly: Yeah I could do with a little bit more unicorn magic going in and out of me.

Max: Well you saw they also have, Split Peaches also offers rainbow-colored toys which is of course funny because the whole thing with unicorns pooping rainbows!

Lilly: Well Unicorns always poop rainbows and sprinkles. yeah I actually quite enjoyed it.

Max: So in conclusion Split Peaches toys are right up our alley. Fun themes, fun colors and perhaps a little less than 100% serious. This is how we like our toys!

The unicorn horn is a great purchase even if you don’t plan on using it for the bedroom. You can always mount it in your living room and talk about your days as a unicorn hunter.Split Peaches Unicorn Horn

Lilly: and for that I do recommend the 11-inch

Max: Yeah that’s a good point you want to go for the big unicorns if you’re going to be taking them out!

So that just about does it for us today.

This is Max Chameleon.

Lilly: And this is Lilly Chameleon.

Max: Remember always be yourself… unless you can be unicorn then obviously you should we be a unicorn!

Lilly: well duh!

Split Peaches Unicorn Horn

The Split Peaches unicorn horn can be purchased from Split Peaches Here.

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