Voyages in Sex Toy Exploration: Topco Rechargeable Magic Massager 2.0

Sex Toy Stardate… 32016.2:

On the 3rd planet from the local celestial body I have found something spectacular. A toy that I thought was lost to us never to return like those dreaded tribbles. I had found a wand. But not just any wand. A powerful cordless rechargeable massager wand. With the utmost urgency I must (dramatic pause) harness (another dramatic pause) this power and unlock all its secrets. If I am unable to unleash this power, finding the perfect wand may futile. This calls for numerous trials; Not just a few trials but endless tests and subjects must be utilized. I hope that like the Enterprise, this wand will last more than just a few “movies”and “seasons”.

Topco Rechargeable Massager

More powerful than the enterprise

Our Neural Pathways Have Become Accustomed to Your Sensory Input:

I love wands not only for the great massage potential, but for the intense vibration as well. A vibrator that demands such power that it needs access to an unlimited electrical supply right from the wall, excites me. I am what you call a “vibe queen”. I love all things vibrational, and the higher the power the better the release. When I started using a corded body massager, I found the intense vibrating power that I crave. Though I felt unnaturally constrained by the cord.

A little to the right. A bit to the left and dammmmn! The cord broke:

One inevitable complaint I have had with corded wands is the cord itself. Not only is the cord either too long or too short, but I have had issues with the cords connection to the toy. That little piece of connecting plastic always seems to fray and break. So when I opened up the Topco Rechargeable Magic Massager I was expecting something very similar. Instead what I found was a cordless rechargeable wand! I knew that there were wands out there that took batteries. However I always worried that the batteries might run out while I’m on the brink of an incredible orgasm. Talk about about a buzz-kill! I was super excited to finally have a wand that I could charge very easily and yet didn’t have the annoying cord, but could it meet the power demands? I anxiously waited for the wand to charge.

Topco Rechargeable Massager

Approaching Klingons Sir!

I just can’t do it Captain, I just don’t have the power:

Most of the time with vibrators or even wands I never quite have enough power. Usually the wand is enough to get me turned on but it doesn’t have that extra oomph I need push me over the edge. The Topco Rechargeable Magic Massager Wand has allowed me to reach orgasm within the first 5 to 10 minutes of clitoral stimulation. With only 2 settings: ”powerful” and “oh my god!”. This wand takes vibration to a whole other level.

However, it left me yearning for different settings or levels. In some cases too many options leads to decision paralysis, but too few options and we are left wanting. The Topco Massager left me wanting more. I really wanted a third option that was either a lot calmer than the 2 pre-set settings or a different pattern of vibration instead of just a constant vibe.

Guess who is coming to dinner:

Attachments: who doesn’t love them? One nice attribute regarding massage wands is that the heads are interchangeable and there are so many of them. A good analogy is that having so many options is like being tossed into a pile of tribbles. Once you are in, you can’t seem to find your way to the top of the pile of fuzzy cuteness.

Topco Rechargeable Massager

So much for a little training cruise

The back of the box shows the different attachments you can purchase for this wand. Unfortunately the color heads that you can purchase look like something straight from the 70’s. Sorry Topco but the crazy neon colors do not do these attachments any favors. However one attachment that I have found works really well is the stroker for P.O.E’s 1. Once I tried it with Max and another P.O.E partner (Let’s call him “Kirk”) I enjoyed having them fight over the vibration! Max on one side and Kirk across from him. As I was acting “fluffer” I enjoyed getting them ready for the “fight”. Once both were hard and ready I positioned myself between them placing each of their dicks in either side of the stroker attachment, then turned on the vibration. The Topco Magic Massager isn’t just for women!

Max’s Perspective

The Topco Magic Massager Wand surprised me. It delivers surprising power with no corded connection to the wall. Lilly frequently uses the wand for frontal stimulation during anal sex, and she even uses it on my balls now and then. My shared experience with “Kirk” while using the stroker was surprisingly erotic. I will definitely be picking up one of those strokers for my personal use with Lilly’s wand!

Logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end:

How many of us out there have actually used ‘massagers’ for their marketed use: “Deeply relaxing massage”, “total tension release.” I have always found it funny that you have to call it a “massager” and not what it actually is: an enhanced vibrator or a hand held sex machine.

That being said when I have sore muscles or I get a charlie-horse I often reach for the Topco Rechargeable Magic Massager to get those kinks out. It can be quite nifty for giving your partner a massage to get them in the mood, or pamper them during aftercare from BDSM scenes. If you are looking for a portable cordless wand you can do a lot worse than the Topco Rechargeable Magic Massager. It’s now my go-to wand for warm up or for a rub down. In the words of a great Vulcan: “Live long, and prosper” Or in my case “Live long, and Orgasm!

We received the Topco Rechargeable Magic Massager  free of charge from Topco in exchange for our honest review. The Topco Rechargeable Magic Massager Wand can be purchased from Topco Here.

Topco Rechargeable Massager

A logical conclusion Captain


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